Comments on the work of Lloyd Pye

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Comments on the work of Lloyd Pye

Post by AnAncientAwakening » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:15 am

In his book 'Everything you know is wrong', Lloyd Pye, in his examination of Sitchin's translations of the Enuma Elish, seems fairly convinced that the Anunnaki were a 'blond haired, blue eyed, humanoid' type of race, come to Tiamat to gather material to save the atmosphere of their homeward, apparently in the midst of a meltdown due to tremendous abuse and misuse. That leads me to wondering: Where is it that we first get the idea of the Anunnaki being an 'amphibian' or a 'reptilian' type of race? Also, Pye seems to agree with Sitchin in his assertion that the Anunnaki come from 'Nibiru', but other cultures, such as the Dogon peoples, seem to put a vast importance upon other worlds, such as po tolo. I wonder: Does material exist which predates the Enuma Elish, and if so, what might it have to say of this?
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Re: Comments on the work of Lloyd Pye

Post by trippingthelight » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:46 am

AnAncientAwakening wrote:Where is it that we first get the idea of the Anunnaki being an 'amphibian' or a 'reptilian' type of race?
So this is what has been bothering me for a while now.

I stumbled across Alan Watt a week or so ago, thanks to an off the cuff comment on a post by our resident DJ. I did some digging to see what his stance was on our origins and quickly discovered he thinks the reptilian Annunaki origin is absurd (although he then promotes our origins coming from a group of genetic twiddling Troglodytes living in caves :shock:). But he does make a point that has been bugging me, the fact that this ET reptilian race has been pushed through movies and TV series etc so much he claims that the whole thing is basically a psy-op.

He talks about HG Wells stories seeding it and all through from the 40's till now its literally has been alien madness and very much a reptilian theme in many movies and TV shows. Running alongside has been the slew of ancient astronaut books from Erich Von Daniken's 'Chariots Of the Gods' and of course the work of Sitchin. I do know Von Daniken was Jesuit schooled and a lot of these ancient astronaut books were from big publishing houses. I mean you can go on youtube and within 10 minutes find out our basic Enki/Enlil origins....done, or watch David Icke, yes he veers of in all directions but the core story is there. From what I have learned over the last year, anything that is shoved in your face from TPTB is to be treated with caution. Why push this reptilian alien agenda, any other history has been deleted or skewed beyond belief but this is there in your face.

There are a few youtube videos (just audio) where he talks about this, mainly how the old gargoyle/lizard type figures on buildings were just those in power, the elite, giving the peasants something to fear and that this reptilian agenda of the Annunaki is part of it and was seeded a long time ago as a psyop intent on distraction.

There are kids shows now, things like Power Rangers and Ninjago which have alien reptilian creatures, I know there is the truth in plain sight argument but it was just this guy struck a chord on this topic as it has been bugging me.

On a non-reptilian note, Alan Watt is an interesting guy and talks a lot of truth, his 'Reality Check' video was great but he has been called out quite a lot on his historical facts. On searching more on him I found this document written by Joseph Gallagher who I guess is just an independent part time researcher ... anWatt.pdf

Regardless of whether you know Alan Watt or not it, is an interesting and detailed read that seems to debunk things I assumed to be true (yep i know, never assume it just makes an ass out of you and an ass out of me), that have stemmed from the theosophy/new age movement like how Jesus being an astro-theological creation ala Zeitgeist the movie is a lie pushed by the theosophical groupies, and that Israel is nothing to do with the ISIS-Ra-El concept. That it's all to try and make Christianity out to be a fake religion and fake Jesus and connect it back to the myths of Egypt and claim that it has stolen the ideas of their Mystery Religion when in fact Jesus was probably a real man and was probably a threat to the elite, so they hijacked it.
the NWO-elites do not want people waking up to the Babylonian
Mystery Religion, and instead wish to keep the heat on Christianity. Zeitgeist teaches that the
Bible's stories and characters are all founded upon astro-theology (celestial movements), thus
having no foundation in reality, and Alan, above all, wants us to think that it came via the
Mystery Religion (which was controlled by the ancient priesthood). But in fact, the Bible has an
objective basis as it deals with real historical events and characters, and ask any professor of
archaeology or ancient history if you find that one hard to believe. We know that both trinities,
the Egyptian and the Babylonian, inform each other as they have too many similarities (i.e
Nimrod and Osiris are both cut up into many pieces)- but which one is older? Well, if Nimrod
actually lived in ancient Sumer (the Old T. calls it 'Shinar'), and there never was an Osiris in
Egypt, then that would tend to show that the Babylonian trinity was the original one. Most
theosophical promoters usually focus on the Egyptian side (Osiris, Isis, and Horus) because
connecting the historical Jesus and Mary to that mythical trinity (which was secretly based upon
the real Nimrod & Semiramis) makes them seem more mythical and less real (at least by
claiming that they were predated by an even more ancient myth (but even that doesn’t work as
Isis was in no way a Virgin: after reassembling Osiris’ body, but failing to find his penis, she then
constructed an artificial one, had intercourse with herself, and conceived Horus). However,
associating them with Tammuz and Semiramis would surely back-fire as the Bible calls that
trinity out as its enemy on multiple occasions. The NWO wants concealed from the general
public that the Babylonian Mystery Religion is tied to Freemasonry and the underlying influence
behind the architecture of various key cities from around the world, like Washington D.C & the
Vatican- lest it awaken them to the NWO's over-riding Occultish aspect. The Bible relentlessly
locks in on the Babylonian Mystery Religion/Freemasonry as Nimrod, whom it targets, is
revered by Masons as the first Builder/founder of the Mysteries and the Priesthood. But at the
top of the Babylonian religion (aka. Freemasonry), above the Trinitarian Mystery Religion, one
will find Lucifer the Light-Bearer (the ‘Force’ whom they secretly worship). Even though
Nimrod's Babylonian religion is clearly connected to Lucifer in the Old T.'s Isaiah 14 &
Revelation's 17-19, the theosophists and the Freemasons want people to perceive Christianity as
completely Made-up, and not High-jacked
It backs up a few things that i have read on here by saying that the New age/theosophy movement always stems things back to Egypt and the ISIS, Osiris, Horus trinity and does not often go back to the Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz trinity as that is who they really believe in. Nimrod/Baal/Molech the mason and baby torturer from the Babylonian Mystery Religion.
The Bible exposes the B.M.R's founder, Nimrod (Genesis
Chapter 10 reveals that Nimrod is Noah's great grandson (Noah, Ham, Cush, then Nimrod) and
names all of the cities that he built in ancient Sumer (Gen 10:10)), objects of worship (the Sun &
the Moon (him and his wife personified), but most especially, its abominable practice of
sacrificing little babies by burning them alive upon the searing hot, outstretched arms of
Baal's/Molech's statue (the Ammonites, Phoenicians, Zidonians, Canaanites, even renegade
Israelites- all did this (and a host of others)
This quote may explain quite a few things then.

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Re: Comments on the work of Lloyd Pye

Post by Djchrismac » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:25 am

I found the following article that you will find interesting in relation to this:

Myths and Realities of ANUNNAKI, Reptilians, Planet Nibiru and the Pleiadians

This is something i'll add to the discussion on soon as I came across a related text the other day but want to delve deeper into it first before we tackle this topic in more detail.
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