Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Let's find out about who and what's out there, and how they do what they do.

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Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:52 am

For some time now, Gordon Duff has been putting out info on extra terrestrial life and UFOs in his interviews. The first I can remember was an article in VT on the UFO war in the Pacific which he followed up with an interview on Coast-to-coast with George Noory.

He's now given an interview on the Mike Harris show on 14 August which is a real doozy. I think he's been given the task of going public on ETs and in this interview he talks of the elites having struck deals with corporeal and non-corporeal entities.

Here's the link for the show

I've done the transcript which I shall also post in this thread. Duff came on to talk about the recent scandal of the military in charge of America's nuclear arsenal having failed a safety inspection, as reported in this article:
http://www.stripes.com/news/air-force/a ... s-1.235167

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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:53 am

14.8.13 Mike Harris show Part 1
Gordon Duff on Security failure within US nuclear arsenal

This is the 2nd time it's happened this year
[Duff is referring to the failed safety inspection]
Did show with Jeff Rense last night
Will be in Iran next month

The nuclear issue is layered.
The 1st layer is the new story that this was a simple security issue
Everything we get from the news is a cover story

The news put out a story about an inspection
As far as our nuclear forces go, we know from the official news that the US airforce has tremendous problems with religious fanaticism.
A group they call Dominionists.
They call themselves Christian Zionists, Christian evangelists or they believe in the ? bible, they are followers of John Hinckley(spelling?)
There are things people don't know about their own religions
I was talking with a traditional Baptist
Religion is what this is all about
All of this is about the American Taliban
It's not the Taliban.
It has nothing to do normal religious extremism
Why should someone religious, a Christian, want to steal nuclear weapons and bring on the apocalypse?
It's the religion we call Dominionism, Dispensationalism, people who believe in the rapture, which even by Christian standards...... none of this stuff is in the Bible.
None of it,
There's no Mary Magdalene, the whore, go up to the side of Jesus - none of that is anywhere
We can even say that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not apostles
Apostle Paul never met Jesus. He wasn't an apostle. He said he was an apostle but he wasn't
Who was he? Something else here.
Dispensationalism, what is it?
What is going on in the military?
Why is religion at the heart of it, the absolute heart of it?
Why these things happen?
Why POTUS put off his meeting with Putin?
Why did Secretary of State Kerry just announced today (on Press TV and not anywhere else) that he considers every Israeli settlement to be illegal?
Did you see that Michael?

MH: Yes, I did....
People have to realise that the sanctions that Europe put against Israel last month don't go to the 1974 borders; it goes back to the 1949 borders.
Which means that you've got a couple of million Israelis living in foreign land.
They are the occupiers and they're committing an international crime.

GD: That means that the European Union will not do business with individuals or businesses that are in ??, which is East Jerusalem essentially, or the West Bank or Gaza.
But in the areas of which the Israelis call Samaria and Judea, which is an area that covers between 35 and 40% of the non-occupied territories that runs on Israel all the way from the Jordanian border through the centre Israel 200 miles
That territory in 1949 was designated by the UN as being Palestinian land and that is enforceable by Security Council resolution
That is still in force and the EU decided last month to enforce it and then immediately, right on the road and screaming, "I'm on vacation. Don't call me."

MH: That's what they do in Europe.
They take all of August off.
You can't find a German to do anything for all of August


GD: Term many would never have heard of - Dispensationalism or Dominionism
The cover story - we have a couple of them here involving America's nuclear arsenal
One of the cover story involves the failure that our highest trained, highest security level, the best and brightest of our entire military, the people who oversee our nuclear arsenal - all of a sudden, 40% of them have turned out, as we're told, to be hapless morons
This happens at the same time, if you go through the blogosphere, that we're told that the US has been threatened with military coups
One of my theories ...... it's not something I can prove right now, I believe that there is considerable reality that threat.
What I do know and state categorically is that we've had a couple of things happen in the last week.
Secretary of State Kerry has pretty much announced the talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians were going nowhere; began today that all of the settlement territories; that the Israelis have been involved in, are a violation of international law.
They are illegal, and illegal in that they are in violation of the Geneva conventions
Meaning that the term that applies is war crime.
You mentioned earlier that the EU would apply sanctions for this.
I'm saying that behind all of this; all of this plugs together and all of it is religious
But I'm also saying that ..... calling it Christians and saying John Hegee(?) is a Christian, that Newt Gingrich is a Christian, that the Bush family are Christians, that the Rothschilds are Jews, that saying any of this is essentially wrong.
Over the past few weeks, we've had some discussions ...... about issues of the supernatural.....
Some call UFOs supernatural except that iphones and every smart phone carry a camera that didn't even exist 6 years ago.

MH: Those cameras - I remember they were developed by Motorola.
They were the first to use CMOS technology to capture images instead of the old CD (?) technology which allowed the price to go down to a dime compared to the CD type camera which was in the thousands of dollars

GD: Along with the silly cover stories on UFOs, we also have silly cover stories that well, we can't explain all of them........ we don't know.
The real official version is the Majestic version
And the Majestic version has been expressed purposely and systematically, by having personnel who are briefed in very official, exceedingly secret relations between the US, other nations and non-ordinary entities, both corporeal and non-corporeal
Not just alien shapeshifters and reptilians or little grey guys with big heads or tall, Nordic people or an endless number of people that you could call aliens that are totally and absolutely human.
Totally human.
That are us.

That may very well be us .....
But behind this, we have shows like X-Files, fringe, we've got Men In Black, we've got hundreds and hundreds of others ....

MH: One of my favourites is the Stargate series....

GD: And entirely based in reality.
All of these shows. All of them.
The documentation behind them and the technical.
The technical advisers in these shows come right out of the secret world


26:19 mins
GD: We are trying to bring together why 40% of the people overseeing America's nuclear arsenal; most of whom had gone to school at the air force academy in Colorado Springs.
A place plagued with rape, certainly physical threats of the most bizarre religious extremism of any kind; that was what was going on there.
We would head back here into the 1980s, at a military base named Presidio, now a general park area, business complex in Los Angeles

MH: Presidio is in San Francisco.

GD: San Francisco, sorry.
The movie Presidio - that would be Mark Harmon, Sean Connery ....
A guy named Major Michael Aquino came to the eye of the public, tied to a cult of child kidnappers, child molestors, someone who is accused of using children at military bases across the US for Satanic rituals
How far off am I on that one?
Michael Aquino. Just look it up.
You just can't make this up.
In and about the same time, the Chaplain Corps of the US military was taken over
Not that long prior to this, according to Monsignor Malachi Martin, former Bank of Vatican secretary of state and one time co-founder of the precursor of Veterans Today, the Catholic church was consecrated by a group of rogue evangelists in the name of Satan
Stepping over the other side, for people who don't believe it - exorcisms and demons and don't believe in the Trinity, don't believe that you can do anything you want and God will forgive you for anything you do.
People who don't buy into that stuff might want to talk to some of the people who were involved in highly esoteric branches of our government that work with exclusive committees and nations around the world
Every major nation is involved in what we call exopolitics
That's based on a set of circumstances, prior to Roswell.
..... the Germans were working with off planet entities that were Nordic, that gave them anti-gravity technology
That technology was found - a prototype called The Dome
The Germans had built during the 1930s and 40s, an underground base ...was where they said it is - it's in Chile and it's still there.
Dome bases that were featured parallel described in the movie version of the X-Files in Antarctica, in an area the Germans had called Neu Schwabenland
..... In 1947, aliens crashed in Roswell
The US had a series of treaties with off world nations and there's as many as 12 now.
Is there some kind of war going on with alien races?


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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:53 am

Where's the threat of Disclosure that came out of, not just Julian Assange, but Edward Snowden.
Threats that were never fulfilled
Why were those only published once?
You'd find that the threats of Disclosure by both individuals were only published in the European Times, which is a disinformation site, but not a casual one like so many others.
But one that puts out, let's say, "If you don't do what we say, this is what we're going to do. But we're putting it here, the equivalent of the Weekly World News or the National Enquirer or ....whatever."
But because of its deniability, step 1: We'll put it out there; we'll show you how bad it is without doing the real damage.
Both Assange and Snowden floated out the fact that they were sitting on powerful UFO documents.
In particular, Assange - that he was holding documents outlining an actual UFO war between 2003 and 2006, with American casualties.
We have some evidence that one occurred later than this
Here's are the issues where this strange motivation comes from
Why religion is being spoken of just now?
A good friend of mine who's involved in security for a friendly government, got to meet one of the sons of a very famous, very, very powerful family
One that would come to mind, not Rockefeller but something just as well known, or better known...
This young man was 25 years old and he was being taken to an investiture, where he was going to be introduced to the demon that was intended to protect him during his life.
What he was being offered - and you can read much of this or get videos on Youtube between Art Bell and Malachi Martin
We'll call them non-corporeal entities
I'm not a religious person
If you're a Muslim, you can call them jinns, genies
You can call them angels if you want - bad angels, good angels, evil demons, whatever
Non-corporeal entities that feed off relationships with human beings, form partnerships with powerful individuals and was described to me, by people within our security apparatus, that there are non-corporeal entities that could be defined as a form of alien life form or not, ....... that deal with human beings, particularly that are what we would call the elite; the 1%.


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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:56 am

GD: We're going to have to go hypothetical here.
We call it survival mode.
....remember I am a 40% guy
I will withhold 40%; I withhold more than this; varying reasons.
One is Michael and I both work in operational intelligence
There is no public need to have operational intelligence
Releasing operational intelligence is treason.
Plus both of us do not incessantly trash the US

MH: Let's talk about that.
We do criticise the US but we try to do so constructively so they know where to improve..

GD: People who describe themselves as anti-imperialists; anti-imperialism is a leftover from the Cold War
The communists are the anti-imperialists
So anyone we have now that call themselves anti-imperialist is really saying they are anti-American
Frankly, they are communists and generally, if they are communists, they are Zionists
And they are not.....
I'm not in favour of being blindly patriotic
I'm a multi-culturalist......
Most of the people we know are not white....
If I look at people based on their colour or nationality or religion, I couldn't survive a day 'cos I'd go totally bat shit crazy....
In the real world, we have to deal with people as people....
Here's the issue here, where we start connecting the dots; things we have to release painlessly
Not everybody on the planet is the same ....
We're not all the same kind of people
Not all the same species, though we have nearly identical DNA, nearly
We're not all people

Anyone who does not have reasoning and discernment, mental flexibility; if you have to get a fix from Fox News....to feel OK; if you don't catch on to the things we say
I'm saying this to those who are listening.
If you're listening, you're already on board here.
You're living around people who can't seem to talk to.
.... I'm actually saying, "Leave. Don't try to talk to them."
They are not really, by our standards,
technically(this is even more than I am remotely allowed to tell you); they are not technically people.
If your gut tells you they don't feel like being around people.
They don't think like people.
If their feelings and actions are not like people
If they are the kind we talked about the other day - someone stopping at a farm, free kittens; they picked up the kittens.
Why did they do this? I got this from one of my veterans service officer friends.
So they can use the kittens for target practice with their shotguns
People like that?
Personally, I have no trouble killing them.
Doing it slow? Yeah
Am I a bad person?
If that's the criteria for a bad person, would I do it?
Yeah. I consider it a natural act of culling the evil from the race....
We call it the human race
Are they members of the human race?
Technically, no
Taking this a step further, we have a friend and co-worker at a very, very high level in military intelligence
One of the things they have come up with, with the use of massive supercomputers, that cast(?) planning computers, is that the way things are going; the things people are doing, don't make sense.
Cui bono? Who gains?
Why blow up the WTC?
Why rocket Gaza?
Why walk away from peace talks?
Is the US arming Al Qaeda with missiles that can shoot down airliners?
Why are we doing this?
Why did Rudy Giuliani meet with a terrorist group, the MEK, last week, in Paris?
I believe they paid him $¼m.
They are a terrorist group - MEK
Look it up. He was there. Gingrich was there. Wolf was there. All there.
Paid by a murderous terrorist group.
Why were they there?
Why would a member of the oldest and most prominent banking family, the most hated banking family, the most spoken of, deserved or not.
Why would that entire family have relationships with non-corporeal entities, that aid them, that promise them eternal life, that promised them the ability to see the future, that deliver.
This is what came out in a briefing.
I'm saying I'm making this up because if I don't the EU Times, Julian Assange, whatever, we won't be talking to me any more.
What if accidentally, someone would say, "Look at these different kinds of things. They come to Earth but none of them really mean us that much harm. They are just clumsy. They don't really understand what's going on. They don't understand people."
And then we find there are other entities.
They live off vibrations.
They are very powerless but they communicate with specific people and they attach themselves to elites.
What do they live on?
They live on what you would call negative energy.
It's not like good and evil
They get power
They feel pleasure.
They feed (I'm doing something of a 1968 Star Trek episode) on anger, fear and hate
They're not evil.
Do we have a definition for evil here?
That's someone that feeds off anger, fear and hate
I used to think so.
Key families began naming them.
It was all of the leadership of Congress, certainly the Bush and Rockefeller families and others
The leaders of Christian evangelism, certainly the British royal family, what we call the Illuminati and Black Nobility, people from specific groups, not all of them but many of them.
Their existence, their reward is that they are not part of humanity.
They see themselves as like the foreman on a chicken ranch and .... they're collecting the eggs, they're cutting off our feet so we don't run around too much, they're poking our eyes out.
They're torturing us and then they're making sure we're slaughtered
They don't just believe they're going to live forever but they are guaranteed a powerful position in a type of afterlife.
A position that we're not allowed to have as long as they do this.
As long as they see that there is pestilence, suffering and death on Earth to feed these entities.
But no, we're told they're not evil.
How do they operate?
We hear these jokes about the members of Congress: Who are the worst people in the world?
The members of Congress. And their staff. And the Pentagon. And the service academies.
The Citadel. I could mention The Citadel.
They've taken over our nuclear forces
They're the neo-cons
They are the Israel lobby
Does it mean that these people are Jews?
Some are.
Does it mean there is anything directly related to the evil Jewish?
No. Nothing at all
Christian? Does it mean that?
No, it does not.
I'm going to be in Iran next month.
I'm scheduled to meet with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei

End of Part 1

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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:57 am

Mike Harris show 14 Aug 2013 Part 2

GD: What we're creating is a mosaic of suspicions, observations, dot-connecting and also very hard confirmations
The confirmations to some extent are that we are operating out into outer space.
This is not an internet based conjecture
It's a combination of leaked material that we discern as probably allowable, done in this context from the highest security sources, officially informal shared discussions with US military intelligence personnel involving .... motivations and information that comes from well developed sources.
None of this is just banged together out of amusement
What we are finding is decades ago, with the rise of neo-conservatism, the world of Fox News, all of the left/right talk; we're the poor slaves in the US, the victims of the police state if you wish to take that view, and frankly, that view fits
......What kind of people are we in the US?
We have millions of people who equate gay marriage with some sort of thing that's going to destroy their lives.
But they have the same venom against national health insurance that will allow children to have their teeth fixed or a minimum wage that will allow people to survive.
There's a basic simple rule of economics
If we were to take companies like Wal Mart.....
Sam's Club people are essentially minimum waged
Costco people make much more - they earn a living wage
Both companies are equally profitable
One of them ....is part of the largest employer in the US and its employees are receiving varying forms of subsidy from the rest of us
If you're buying something from Wal Mart or Sam's Club, .... you're paying their health insurance.
You're helping many of them live.
If they're living a starvation lifestyle or have to have 2/3 jobs and we wonder why we have to execute one of their children or pay for them to have to go to rehab later; if we wonder why our society is disintegrating; why have we created a model that perpetuates suffering and yet call it conservative?
We call starving people mistreating children, family values
Certainly the undertone of racism which affects too many Americans; this is very much a part of it.
..... This is going back to the destruction of Iran and the ayatollah committee

About a year and half ago, the Ayatollah .... ordered the arrest of key advisers to President Ahmadinejad, saying that they were consorting with what they call djinns
What do you know about a djinn or a genie?
What is our tradition?

MH: The popular culture says that if you release a djinn from its captivity, in most cases a bottle, you'd be granted 3 wishes
However, one the 3rd wish is granted, everything you wished for, turns on you and becomes your worst nightmare .... even though it's everything you asked for.

GD: What I can say I am told is that djinns or non-corporeal entities - we would know them as demons - and most of the people who are, are not possessed ...but they have cut deals and it includes our elite.
Why do people ..... so indifferent to human suffering?
Why would our government do things that none of us want?
Why would it be so utterly inept?
Why would 40% of our nuclear weapons officers suddenly turn out to be bumbling morons?
They're not bumbling morons.
They're among the brightest people in the US
However, they belong to an organisation that is run by a lot of extremely despicable people and .... the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has set up a task force and that thousands of officers are resigning.
And it can't happen quickly enough
All the people talking about this are saying they're all patriots and they can't stand working for people who respect humanity.
And where do they come from?
What are they?
I can tell you what they are.
They are all Satan worshippers

All. They are a cult of Satan worshippers
Here in Toledo, Ohio..... 25 years or so ago, a Catholic priest named Father Gerald Robinson, a group of 5 priests in town, .... was operating a Satanist cult
Robinson is in prison
Robinson was convicted of murdering an 82 year old nun
He killed her while wearing a red robe, black candles, upside down cross in the Chapel of Mercy Hospital, Toledo.
He stabbed her with a special set of knives in the form of an inverted cross and then pulled her skirts over her head
Satanic ritual murder
Many people who were then adults, who had been abused by this coven run by the Catholic church, had described varying forms of abuse, from being locked in coffins with snakes to sexual abuse.
Veterans Today received info - we got this on/about June 10th - that over the solstice
Go ahead and tell the story, Michael.

MH: This is the one we were talking about where the guy, picked up in Oklahoma, kidnapped a child for use in ritual sacrifice?

GD: Yes. How many days before that, did we say it was going to happen?

MH: At least 10 days before that.
And then the guy got picked up and held kidnapping a child
I think it was a 3 year old....

GD: And the child was to be used for a solstice ritual sacrifice announced in an article which you'd easily be able to find in Veterans Today
We knew it was going to happen and this was going to involve power elites that made up the leadership of the ADL (Anti Defamation League), AIPAC, the Simon Weisenthal organisation, one or more prominent banks and a group of people that were very, very close to the highest level of the Bush Administration.
You can look it up.
It's all there
And nobody bothered to connect the dots


GD: .......We're talking about inherent injustice
Eric Holder .... is trying to have over a million people, who are doing prison time for drug crimes, that should have been released; some of them, over a decade ago.
He's trying to get them out.
Republicans are trying to keep them in because they take bribes from people who run these hell-hole prisons
The whole thing is about human suffering and injustice
It's entirely about that.
When I have a police department that comes to me and tells me that they want to support the Constitution of the US and then I ask them, "How many drunk driving check lanes did you run last month?"
"We ran about 200."
"You mean illegal searches?"
"Absolutely. Unconstitutional."
Passed by a 5 to 4 majority Supreme Court where 3 of those Justices work for organised crime
When you get to search people's cars and stop them illegally, ... the most basic violation of the Constitution, and you know it and you don't have to do it; you choose to do it on your own,
Like NY, stop and frisk is the same thing

MH: That's the 4th Amendment.
You should have the right to be secure in your person, your papers ....

GD: From unreasonable search and seizure.
The City of NY is whining.....because they can no longer stop just anyone on the street and ..... put on their gloves, get out the KY and wind their hands where the sun don't shine.
They can no longer do that and perhaps slap you around in the process.....
If that were a police department and if anything, other than Bernie Kerik, Commissioner of Police, a mob bag man; other than that, I have the most respect for the NYPD
I have many friends there.
After 9/11, no-one ratted out..... like the detectives of the NYPD
They're the ones .... all of these secret arrests, the FBI letting the real terrorists go, setting this up.
They're the ones who leaked all of this
Of course, these guys who are retired, .... some paid off...., but NY police were tremendous
They were busy calling us at the time.
They were arresting Mossad agents with truckloads of explosives and calling those of us from intelligence agencies saying, "We know they're going to be taken off our hands and disappear. We just want to tell you we're doing the best we can so you won't hate us all later."
That's a piece of history.
One of so many you'd never know.
But human suffering, injustice and wrongdoing is inherent....
They call themselves the elites
Why are they doing what they do?

Why does someone need to steal - not just a trillion dollars or ten or seventeen trillion - quadrillions; thousands of trillions of dollars .... on a planet that only has 3 trillion dollars' worth of moveable wealth on it?
Why do we have the people on the internet and internet radio, ..... that just come on with outrageous lies?......


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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:58 am

GD: ..... 40% of the nuclear weapons commanders in the US air force - the most screened people on Earth; the best and the brightest; air force academy grads; Citadel grads; insiders; people who had gone through the air force academy at a time when it was taken over by groups that call themselves "Servants of John Hinckley(spelling?)", Dispensationalists, Schofieldites, Dominionist Christians, Zionist evangelists.
In actuality, all of the groups that fall under that umbrella and others, are worshippers of .... Satan
That's the common term you'd understand
Let's say, certain groups within the US government would say these people have attached themselves to .... non-corporeal entities
.....Within ..... the blogosphere and talk radio, there are a few people who are extremely successful, who have had too many breaks, get too much coverage.
We're taking a look at some of them and wondering who they're tied to
I can mention the name Alex Jones
I'm not saying Alex Jones is one of those people.
I'm not saying it
I look at Alex Jones. I can say he's very successful, very influential.
He does many things that, if I take a long and convoluted look at, I can find much wrong with.
There is much right in what he does, also.
.... But many others ..... white supremists, neo-cons, a lot of the would-be shock jock anger freaks out there.
A lot of them are capable of putting out a message to anything, other than very, very damaged people.
All of these people, if you find, will have criminal records.
Now bankruptcies, losing jobs, ...... if you've lost your house, if you've lost your job, if you're in the military and you came home and your wife has left with someone else and you have nothing.
It was a plan.
It was planned to do this to you as much as it was to destroy the farmers in Ohio last year.
To keep planet Earth under as much suffering, hatred and disorganisation as possible

During an official briefing ....I asked if you're talking about entities, extra-terrestrial life forms and entities that can't be seen; where does exorcism, demons, possession, how does this fit in?
How does good and evil work?

There is no good or evil
There are simply entities that attach themselves to powerful people, who protect them, offer them eternal life, offer them a position of pleasure and power in an afterlife, protect them in every imaginable way.
Think of people who commit crimes
Think of how Dick Cheney has managed to stay out of jail; how he got a heart transplant; how he has stayed alive
Think of a young lady being found in Rockville Park and the murder being charged to someone else
Think of how many US senators have died in plane crashes
Think about how easy 9/11 was to cover up
We all know that the invasion of Iraq was a war crime and that the Americans that went ther,e not just ran prisons and didn't just torture prisoners, we murdered thousands of prisoners.
They were tortured and killed.
People have been kidnapped across the world, taken to secret prisons, have been tortured, have been murdered.
All of them innocent.
We just have released Dr Aafia Siddiqui a while ago
Find out who she was
Realise that the US air force is responsible for murdering 2 of her children, while kidnapping the wife of a Boston anesthesiologist
She was convicted of the crime of trying to escape but was severely shot in the abdomen by her translator
The only problem was .... she's a doctor from MIT, an American citizen from Boston, exactly what language were they translating this into?
Why should someone have to shoot an 85 lb woman in the stomach?
A woman confined to a wheelchair when she's in the room with 3 Navy seals, one special forces and 2 FBI interrogators
And she had them all on the ground?
A NYC judge sentenced her to 87 years in prison and that judge is an Israeli citizen.
Her prosecutor was an Israeli citizen.
.... Why was she picked up?
Remember that wild story made up by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld about yellowcake uranium?

MH: Yes I do.
Out of Niger.
That was Scooter Libby went to jail for
Valerie Plame

GD: Yes and that was a total fraud
She was arrested and imprisoned and tortured for 5 years on a US air force base under the supervision of the US air force
Bagram Air Force base - anyone who has been imprisoned and murdered, there has been murdered at the behest of the US air force
Yesterday, I was on with an air force lieutenant ..... telling me about what we're talking about here - how his base is run by .... people that are gay
One of the people involved in the command is a US senator, a homosexual...... how he and others have purchased a recreational facility where they hold, not just orgies, but they molest small children there as well.
The highest ranking person is a US senator
The second highest ranking, a 3 star air force general


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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:59 am

GD: ......18 million Americans listen to Rush Limbaugh
He says the same tired stuff over and over again
As far as conspiracies go, Fox News is nothing but bizarre conspiracies
......... I will use this as the litmus
Anyone that the Israeli government will push millions of dollars to defeat in an election, can't be all that bad.
What if you had the president that you always sort of wanted to have?
What if Obama were OK?
What if you put him in charge of a government run by thieves, Satanists, scum?
For 8 years, every department was taken over.
What if we gerrymandered through redistricting the entire House of Representatives where it is.........
We have a majority in the House of Representatives that was elected by 37% of the American people.
We have done that to redemocratise this country
The government in its entirety, has to go
What if Obama were really OK?
.... It's so easy to motivate people now that hate the POTUS
A black president that wants to deliver health care, aid education, roads, cheap gas.
A president that tries to stop war, that tried to close Guantanamo and was stopped.
A president who would tax the rich, lower taxes to the poor.
A president who would bring jobs back in this country
And he's hated and so many are hating him
We have the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, to stand up to Israel in decades
The 1st truly American, appointed by Barack Obama
We've got Chuck Hagel - the 1st honest Secretary of Defence we've had in 35 years.
The 1st one; appointed by Barack Obama
And John Kerry. The plague of the Jews, we're told
Who's doing this? Fox News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch
He's now become a Jew basher...
It's funny. ..... the Jewish controlled media is now doing all of the bashing of the Jewish people.
Are you noticing this?
All of the talking points here - anti-imperialist, communist talking points, the whites, the conservatives - it's not about left or right
It's about maintaining a level of slavery and human suffering
That doesn't make any money
It doesn't give people any more faith
These politicians, fat cats - they can buy all the little boys and girls to have sex if they want it
It's not that expensive to have a few kids picked up; dragged in
You can molest them, take them out and then have them thrown in the city dump
And if you don't know how often that happens, how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands around the world; how much evil there is
I'm calling it evil
I've been told I shouldn't call it evil; that I should believe in relativism, that non-corporeal entities live on vibrations and they enjoy fear and suffering and they have their partners, the wealthy elite
And around Michael and I, and around you and you'll find them on the internet, you'd find them on talk radio
You'd find them on Rense
You'd find them on their tiny little websites.
These little voices.
You'd find them bashing Obama now, for instance, has made bold statements, supporting a fear of pre-peace process
Now he's bad
Martin Dempsey has stood for the US
Hagel has stood for the US
And now you're supposed to be hip and hate him.
Now you're supposed to be anti-government.

45 mins
.......... We have rulers
These are rulers that are in league with non human intelligences

.....I'm told, "Gordon, you're not so bad because saying this stuff, 1st of all, you don't get paid for it and secondly, you take some risk doing it; 3rd, you don't seem to enjoy it because it seems very dark."
All of these things you hear - look at who attacks me if you want to know who works for .... Satan
1st thing - I don't take money; nothing
I've worked for 20 years as a veterans service officer
I don't smoke, I don't drink, I raise kids, I save little animals, I help veterans
I'm a sucker, a total sucker.
Veterans Today runs for nothing
Mike is a total sucker
Another one - Jeff Rense.........
So many of us
There are many out there and there are those who would like to see life there around us and they're not
..... Is there hope out here for you?
Your hope is to die on your feet
To learn the difference.
The only reason I'm saying what I'm saying is so you'd know the difference.
You'd know people who really are people.
How do you know I'm telling you the truth?
Simply listen to everything I've said here; look into your gut and you'd either know it or not.
You'd believe it or not.
That's not my business.
If it feels right to you, then you've got info you didn't have.
The other point is: who am I?
I don't hide.........
I do like to preach
I do get as angry as anyone else .....
I'm like the rest of you. I try to stay happy
I deal with what I can
The only purpose Michael and I have, as so many others, is why Veterans Today exists and is powerful, and why we wield a lot of muscle.
You just check on how much muscle we have.
It's not because we are special. Not at all.
It's because of who we have behind us.
Who we have behind us is you.
That's what makes us
It's not because we are better than you; because we are you.
We are just people.
We are not anything different
Anybody that acts like they are not people, I'm telling you, they are not people.
Technically, they're not people......
The movie "The Mad Woman of Chaillot" - look that up
If you think you're running into people that just don't feel like people, don't talk like people, that don't act like people, surround yourself in your life with people who are people, regular people.
Like you...............
Any of these people who aren't like normal people, and inside the beltway in Washington, they are there.
They are in churches everywhere
Congress, some of them wearing police uniforms, many wonderful people are wearing police uniforms though.
Knowing the difference.
Trust your gut


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Re: Disclosure from the senior editor of Veterans Today

Post by soldierhugsmember » Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:07 am

Another nuke commander has been removed.
Must be another Satanist getting the chop
http://news.antiwar.com/2013/08/25/air- ... onfidence/

The US Air Force has announced that it is removing Col. David Lynch from his position as commander of nuclear weapon forces at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montanta, citing “loss of confidence.”

The lack of confidence appears to be systemic across America’s nuclear weapons forces, and is just the latest in a string on failed inspections and security mishaps across several sites.

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