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Post by Evansville64 » Thu May 29, 2014 12:27 pm

Guitars , Drums, Pianos.
There is quite an intrinsic element.
For some people, there is a very prominent, sometimes vibrant interpretation.
These instruments; they can talk.
For me, there is such a vocal aspect; it is like a human voice.
People who recognize this, as a figment of nature ,understand the so called "chorus effect".
Though, it is known, there is extreme emotional content within the capabilities of a musical instrument.
It is super-natural.
I believe, this is no accident.
Somebody had to master this immense craft of psycho-acoustics...
Over time, it all happened exactly the way it should. "It just did"....
Ive spent untold hours, researching, puzzled on the odd introduction of musical instruments in our history.
For me, it is likened to the architectural impossibility of the great pyramids. (and other megalithic, ancient structures )
There are bizarre angles.
We don't know who invented these "instruments". How they popped up , how they were so quickly perfected; how they so very much captured a certain timbre; the human voice .
I have concluded,
that these instruments were introduced by extra-terrestrial humans.
A super-intelligent group that introduced much of our technology in use today.
Now, as a "musician" , I feel happy, to gift to you, the pleasant distortions we call music.

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