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About "Photons"

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:57 am
by Ilkka
So I have been thinking alot of this subject where Photons are stationary and everything else is moving. The real question is what it takes to illuminate things the light I mean is it that the radiation waves that hit matter that "lights them up" and then there are practically no such things as photons, but they are actually something else entirely. As I recall from Bruce or Daniel (or even both of them) photons are just electrons but behaving differently. I have also some sort of amnesia going on since I do kind of remember all of this and then again needed to be reminded of it I guess. You all know "if you dont use it you'll lose it".

However the main thing was to get clarification to the "illumination" thing what makes things to appear bright rather all in darkness. I think it must be some rays that makes things to appear bright and then comes the question of reflective materials. Also what of the rays are illuminating things and what not, maybe those in visible range. Well, this is how I think it also I may have seen it in some material, which I cant remember so I dont take any credits.