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Time, timelines, the 3D temporal landscape... research into the physics involved, how to understand it and make use of it to improve the quality of our lives, and all the life on Earth.

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Re: Omnomnom - Food for thought

Post by KillCityKazi » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:28 pm

As regads to point 3 and 4 of the original posting (the geometry and cycle of life and death thing)...gospel of St. Thomas 18 The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is
...keyword here is light, only through the beginning (light,enlightenment) shall you know the end. The beginning and the end the alpha and the omega the LIGHT!..literal by the the way, ya start seeing light and geometric paterns in everything. Once you reach enlightenment and turn the dharma wheel you see the way light reacts according to your being. The light is your primordial state and it creates certain patterns. it tumbles in on itself becoming more dense, does so in a stairstep pattern (check the RA material for reference)Reason why stairstep patterns are in pyramids and why those painted egyptians have such cool looking dance moves. During mediatation,especially once your chakras are open and speeds get really going you see how one section in front of your third eye fills and automatically rotates counter clock wise and repeatsand repeat. Take a pinwheel and spin counter clockwise to understand what i'm getting at. Muslims rotate around holy sites and buddhist swazis rotate the same way in accordance with the law of one. It explains why time and space are structured,geometric and at right angles. Once we attain enlightenment we follow the same patter back to the creator. The emerald tablets of thoth describe only being freed from your body by looking up and to the right, making the same rotational field of light. The tablets also describe space being bonded by strange curves and angels. Imagine a lake with fishing line multi layered thru the depths. You navigate through it during enlightened periods but the key is the strings or the fishing line (hence string theory!) the more you unstand the law and how to work the strings the more advanced spiritually you become. Tis why the universe has harmony and why certain things have a musical aspect. The piper calling to something beyond and other tales of celestial music. I can expand on more but i'm drunk and tired...yes drunk people can attain enlightenment and yes i'v mastered the light. And yes i'v had help from a being who attained rainbow body (togden ugyen tendzin)...apprenetly i'm good at this buddah thing and hes helping me. Anywho all answers can be found in the light so seek enlightenment and find what your looking for. Wait till ya find out what the wheels within wheels mean and tons of other stuff, we get it so wrong but once ya see it in the light its all clear. I can't give out all the secrets but check out the practice of mumification and the shrinking feeling from rainbow body. Notice how when you 'follow the light" ya go where ya need to be and in both instances your body compresses.

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Re: Omnomnom - Food for thought

Post by infinity » Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:14 am

Interesting post KillCityKazi,

I think when we're talking about geometry, energy and/or light, and the relationships between those and consciousness - well we might be talking about something different than what your post is about.
Anywho all answers can be found in the light so seek enlightenment and find what your looking for. Wait till ya find out what the wheels within wheels mean and tons of other stuff, we get it so wrong but once ya see it in the light its all clear.
Problem with this is that you get different kinds of light, and different kinds of wheels within wheels - and different meanings. There isn't just one "light" and there isn't just one type of "wheels within wheels". I'm all ears if someone wants to share their experience or perspective on these kind of things, but vague references to general concepts is not really useful. Consciousness is multi-dimensional, which means that knowledge is too - that implies any structure (eg wheels in wheels) and any carrier of information (eg light) has many dimensions. Exploring them is fun, but implying "this" perspective of it or "that" perspective of it is "truth" would be the same as saying I can perceive a multi-dimensional thing (containing many truths) by using a one-dimensional perspective (there is only one truth). The levels of "thinking" is simply not compatible.

Perhaps its more useful if you could share some of what you call secrets, or some practical things you do and how it helped you. Or, share some of your experiences. We can all learn from each other :)

I think the topic of geometry and its relationship to energy is a complex one, because geometry can give a mechanical understanding of energy in terms of consciousness. It could conceivably be used as a consciousness bridge with compatibility for thinking AND feeling, narrow-focussed pattern-recognition AND open-focussed awareness. It can express multi-dimensional structures AND multi-dimensional cycles/flows. There might be good reason that you get secret societies making such strong associations with geometry through their symbols or marks. Understanding geometry's application on a micro and macro level could give one the leverage to accomplish great feats with little energy. Like a famous scientist of our history lifted a large ship with the power of one arm.

Studying such a subject might yield great return on investment.

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