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Re: Engineering Mental Climates

Post by joeyv23 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:47 pm

DSKlausler wrote:
Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:11 am
I was actually thinking along Daniel's blade of grass example.

Not the doophuss who got away... which would be UNethical on my part - an incomplete kill.
Is it an unethical for a pride of lions to fail to take down a zebra or wildebeest?
Andrew wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:29 pm
DSKlausler wrote:
Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:38 am
Lozion wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:00 am
On the other hand, Iboga... is actively being suppressed is the US and Costa Rica
The [psycho]active ingredient(s) seem to have positive effects on many maladies - does it just seem that way because the recuperative brain was so badly damaged?

Hemp oil seems to have positive uses as well; is that substance so far removed from the original plant that no consumptive relationship remains?
I do subscribe to the ongoing investigation on here and AQ to the matter of "dark" plants, but, to me, if it looks like a remedy, and acts like a remedy, then it is a remedy. Ex. a video of a girl having a seizure being administered activated hemp oil and recovering. There is no chance that the body/mind healed itself in this agitated state under the belief it would cure her ailments, a la the placebo effect, otherwise any herbal medicine would heal any and all remedies. Snake oil became such for a reason. The hemp oil had to have had a positive chemical influence on the body, and the effects are repeatable.
Remedy =/= cure. We have a friend here in SLC who has a severe case of crohn's disease who has been taking enormous amounts of pain killers regularly to be able to cope with the physical detriment being caused by this affliction. He found recently that CBDs are very effective in alleviating his pain and allowing him to not need the large quantities of opiates that he had been taking. The issue here is that the CBDs are not curing his crohn's. They are alleviating part of the physical manifestation of the ailment. The CBDs that are so effective for so many different ailments aren't fixing anything other than to alleviate some of the stress caused by pain, seizures, or whatever other symptom they're seeming to remedy.

Consider DMT for a moment. It's been coined the Spirit molecule because it seems to have the ability to connect the conscious portion of the mind to the "spiritual" side of life. Having researched it a great deal and then using it myself to aid in my kicking several habits all at once, I can say that what happened is A) I self suggested that I was going to use the experience as a means for kicking those habits. B) The opening of those gates is, for most people, going to be the same as standing at the basin of the Hoover Dam and detonating an explosive in the center of the thing. It's not the gentle breeze one expects when opening a door or window on a nice spring day. Had I not had experience already in projection, I would have been swept away into a construct that would likely have done far more psychic damage than good.

Now let's apply this to cannabis, because I expect the same thing is going on. Yes, we have several receptors in our brain for cannabanoids. That doesn't mean that these receptors are there as a magical "Cure Now" button when the external input of said chemical compounds occurs. In a balanced system, the body would be producing these naturally in their proper quantities. Like DMT, there is a communication bridge being created. It seems to me that these compounds are acting to relieve pressure that is building up and manifesting physically in the body as any of the given ailments that we see the substance being used to treat, but it's NOT solving the problem. If it were, we would see people using it for a while and then being able to come off of it to lead a normal life cured of whatever was ailing them in the first place. This, however, isn't what we see. Most of the people using cannabis as a treatment will continue to use the substance for the rest of their lives. It will allow them to have a sense of normalcy, and I think this is where the issue lies. What system benefits from people being "normal"? These people are no closer to having reharmonized their living structure by using CBD or DMT than someone doping opiates in every day. Until folks start questioning why they have the ailment that they have, and addressing the answer to that question, then the substance use will continue to be nothing more than a band-aid on a severed appendage.

DSKlauser wrote:
daniel wrote:What the plant gets in return is a "taste of consciousness" from the animal, since the thought process of the mind/soul will produce a burst of shen that will move back to the plant soul, helping it to grow and evolve. (Biofeedback)
The deer GROUP receives shen... the deer group then sends other deer nearer me than would otherwise.
Andrew wrote:The animals are so getting the raw end of this deal in their consumption, as the ones consuming them are barely conscious at all (in the aggregate, of course.)
Consider the size of these collective/aggregate structures and the amount of time that has passed (to our knowledge) of their existence the way they are. Grass is, to my understanding, the same as its been for a very long time. These animal species that are being discussed have been as they are for quite some time themselves. The answers to these questions are in nature, you need only to look. Taking humans out of the equation... do we see more prey animals finding their way to habitats of their predators now than in the past? Do we see more plants of a certain species cropping up in a certain area where more grazing animals are found? Let's put humans back into the equation now. Do we see more deer wandering around hunting ground now than any time before? Are elks, rabbits, ducks, or any other animal that humans hunt in greater numbers where we hunt for them than there were in the past? Or do we find them in their natural habitats, as we have so often done before, make the kill, eat the animal, and this happen to create a bioenergetic feedback that is simply, what it is. The system is out of whack because of the unnatural presence of this species on the planet, yes. But within the realm of this unnatural intrusion, there is still a balance that can be noted. Within that balance, I find it highly unlikely that prey species would send more of their numbers to be taken as prey so that their collective can evolve. Applying human values to non-human species isn't an effective way of getting to the root of an issue where the evolution of said non-human species is concerned, and it looks to me like that's what occurring here. The collective of any of these plants or animals is trying no harder to consciously evolve than is the majority of ours. Is there an inbuilt drive towards evolution up the spiral within them? Likely. Are they consciously engaging and making use of their existence as a food source in order to engender movement along that spiral of evolution? Perhaps not as likely.
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Re: Into the Green Underworld: Smokey Wisp Entities

Post by daniel » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:08 am

Djchrismac wrote:
Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:47 pm
Into the Green Underworld (Part 1 of 2)
Daenin Tejeda
Although I had never smoked marijuana myself, I noticed that the partaker of this plant became susceptible to the influences of foreign entities. I saw them in people's auras as "smoky wisps" and was greatly disturbed by their presence.
VERY TRUE--I have seen the same thing, for myself.

I've never used any psychoactive drugs in my life, including alcohol or tobacco, but have been exposed to the effects of marijuana, courtesy of one Carla Rueckert, channeler of the Ra Material, whose home wreaked of it. After several hours of exposure, I could feel the presence of something trying to get at me, almost like some kind of emotional irritant. The drug use there was one of the reasons I ended up rooming with David Wilcock--he could not stand it, either. And I'll give David a lot of credit for never using drugs to accomplish his work.

I suppose that just goes to prove the point... Carla was a heavy pot user--and just look at all the entities that have come through her... and a lot more than Ra and Q'uo, if you read the old transcripts. Carla was physically very weak and fragile, so "dark" entities could not do much through her but talk--but that is not the case with everyone.

I've noticed how so many "New Age" speakers and YouTubers are pushing the drug agenda as an alternative to first-hand experience--the "quick and easy" path of selling your soul to the devil (which takes on a new meaning in this context) for short-term spiritual gain. If you add the ability of drugs to open the mind to spiritual possession, then add in what the smartPhones are doing via their silicon-based AI/life system... well, that 1+1 equals something very nasty.
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