How to breathe in a chemtrail world

Discussion on geoengineering, HAARP, climate change, chemtrails and related topics, including how to deal with the effects of these incursions.

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Re: How to breathe in a chemtrail world

Post by Ilkka » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:06 am

Aravinda wrote:How sad you think you have to cheat and choose to be so cynical. cheating is never winning. you only cheat yourself. You are missing the whole point of my post, and i dont know anyone who would think magic and bioenergy practices would be cheating. Tai chi and Qi gong are very well known, and pretty main stream, as well as the idea that the spirit world is real. People like Wayne Dyer have inspired millions of people around the world to look within and do better, at whatever level they are capable of and made the world a better place.
I mean it is cheating to others, who do not know about it being natural, the people that are being so ignorant that are almost as "dumb as a boot". Those kinds of people enjoy a rivalry based activities, as entertainment. Tai Chi is a form of self-defense and therefore rivalry based, however Qi gong is not, so that is better. If I recall Qi gong is being practiced with Kung fu/wushu among other martial arts. In Tai chi there are same movements used that are in Qi gong.
Aravinda wrote:Why would you choose to gossip and speculate about the olympics, which is something you have no personal information about anyway? Technically you have made yourself subject to a libel suit by any of these athletes, if they wished to pursue it, as well as defamation of character. What does that have to do with making our world a better happier place and focusing on solutions to do so? What is the purpose of a forum such as this, if not to share solutions and ideas to improve our inner and outer world? Gossip only contributes to a lower vibration world and negativity.
Olympics is a rivalry based so that would need to be changed totally or even demolished the whole idea of olympics. If there is no game to be played there are only "winners" when being in rapport. Almost all sports are being competitive or they want to make them so. Thats why I dont go out to practise Disc golf with my friends, because they want to make it "interesting" by competing, I was and probably still am "in it to win it" kind of guy and if I cant win it then there is no point doing it. My skills in that hobby wasn't improved in a way to be at the same level as my friends so thats why, I dont even want to compete against them, because I know I would not win. I just mainly did it for fun and then it just stopped to be fun when others got too serious.

I dont go by their legal ruling system, I think of it more of harsh critisism than any defamation, there is no honor in their ruling no sense of morality. I just can't think that way, never could to be honest. The athletes should rethink what they are doing, but actually they care only about money and fame. It's not their own fault but the whole system is at blame here. Their potential cheating comes from the very top of the "food chain".

We could innovate the old activities to be more of rapport based than rivalry ones. It would be easy just do the same, but take off the rewards. How boring would that be, and pointless?

On to the chemtrail stuff.
Last night I did feel like my eyes were itching alot inside my apartment. Hours before this as I was on a stroll outside I saw this chemtrail above incoming my way, so I think it is the cause of it. I have been noticing the same thing outside suddenly eyes are itching and nose, the late night only confirms it. The chemtrail was under some heavy clouds, but still you could see it. Only this year I have been noticing the chemtrails that way. Guess they changed the mixture in this country as well. Just before and during my eyes itching I smelled sort of familiar smell of some chemical, maybe aluminium oxide. It was a very quick whiff of that smell, but no doubt of some chemical powder. I do have a very good sense of smell and I am familiar with different kinds of chemicals, not many but some.

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Re: How to breathe in a chemtrail world

Post by Aravinda » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:25 pm

Thanks for your reply Ilkka. The origins of martial arts and oriental medicine go back a long time, before the written word. Acupuncture was actually originally used to kill, then used to heal as well. A true warrior is also healer and master of life and death. Tai chi is now more meditation and qi building. Qi gong is used to build qi and there are many forms with many different purposes. Qi gong masters can do seemingly miraculous things, including remove tumors from people with cancer. I think the movie the Karate Kid showed the difference between rapport and rivalry based martial arts.

I dont know that all athletes do it for rivalry. Sports are many times another form of mediation. Ultimately as someone who played sports for along time, its really about challenging yourself and practicing self discipline. I dont see why we cant celebrate people who have succeeded and inspired others. It doesnt have to be ugly.

Too many people take the fun out of things, like you said, and winning has become external, instead of internal. If you look at events like the special olympics, the competition is inspiring and there is warmth and beauty among the athletes and bystanders. If you have ever had the privilege of being around those others call mentally handicapped and see the way they do, life becomes precious again.

The old question, who do you work for tells alot about a person and their point of view. We work for ourselves, and take pride in our contribution to the world, no matter what it is is one answer. Same goes for sports, who are you really competing against? Again, i think the answer that is more empowering would be ourselves. What others choose shouldnt affect our enjoyment or appreciation of others talents, or our own. For you to not do something you enjoy, such as frisbee golf, because of how others feel or act only hurts you. Maybe you could look at things in a different way and take back your enjoyment that you deserve.

Have you done anything to remove the chemtrails above you? There are many things to experiment with. Do you believe you can do something about them? It may seem talking about sports has nothing to do with chemtrails, but to me its related. All of our beliefs show us where we are at energetically, what we believe or dont believe and how we feel about things. This makes us more able to be more clear then challenge the status quo and create our own world. As Bruce Lee says fighting without fighting. How we look at anything is how we look and deal with everything.

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