proof that chembuster-orgonite work

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proof that chembuster-orgonite work

Post by lizard69 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:08 am

So we had in Athens 3-4 days BLUE BLUE skies ,till they came back ,from last night
So I knew from last night that today would be a disaster
The sky at night ,yesterday ,was WHITE.Its wasnt the Moon .
Just plain white sky

So I wake up at 12:00 pm and go out t my balcony and I see this crap at 13:05 pm ( basically I took a photo of it at 13:05 pm ) >>>>>

No chembuster used at that time

So I put my chembuster and all of my orgonite on the pavement and aimed at the SUN
I have made some powrfull stuff since my last attempt to clear consciously the sky (must have been around early Decemeber 2013)

So this is what you could see at 13:51 PM

Below some other pictures

The round circle like ,whatever ,around the SUN

I call it a HOLE

Its not a trick from the camera ,NOR is it a pattern from the chems

The chebuster had a sphere(orgonite with 8 crystals of phenacite,3 crystals of moldavite, 24 crystals of quartz,around 5-8 crystals of black tourmaline,and some 30-35 crystals of herkimer) on top of it .
It can be seen in the pictures presented a little bit

Thus the round HOLE

If you wont believe it ,then .....we have a problem HOUSTON

A newbie in orgonite making ,BUT as I have mentioned in this forum ,my stuff is very strong (i proramme the crystals witha a powerful radionic machine prior to makeing the orgonite with sound,chants etc )
The level of consciousness of the crystals reach the 1000+ ,and on a Bovis scale ,MILLIONS

Basically ,Avatars do the job

Yet ,they need further fine-tuning and some tweeks.

Didnt manage to clear the whole thing and as I have mentioned again in this forum :

In order to completely clean the sky ,you need to catch them LIVE.While they spray.

In other words,in our case here in Greece,from yesterday night .But I was out dealing with some fucked-up reptillian slaves ( was carrying with me 2kg of orgonite and was cleansing my neighborhood) in the local club of my neighborhood

Im a believer now. The biggest % of reptoids are man .
Women ,whenever I carry orgonite ,just give me the look (want to fuck me basically )

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Re: proof that chembuster-orgonite work

Post by JohnConner » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:25 am


Re: proof that chembuster-orgonite work

Post by lizard69 » Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:32 pm

Hi JohnConner

Glad you put those pics
I remember seeing the rainbow(circle) many years ago(-2000) after rain etc

It wasnt like that .

The "cloud" covering the SUn is pure 100% chemtrail ,which over the time of 15-20 minutes came to form this hole ,with the aiming of my superduper chembuster (and some other orgonites)

It had no colors like a rainbow.And of course you could see it with naked eye(with sunglasses even better)

There was the "hole" from the chembuster-orgonites and the circle around it is for sure the sun-rays hitting the boundaries of the fake-cloud

One of these days I will repeat so you will get to see,what I saw

Today ,the sky started shitty and around dawn became blue again .

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