Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugged?

Discussion on geoengineering, HAARP, climate change, chemtrails and related topics, including how to deal with the effects of these incursions.

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:11 pm

MrGreen wrote:.... I should also mention the guy offered a possible applicable solution from the very same sources in which the Globalists tend to for whatever reason, not only show us what they're doing to us, but offer a solution as well. Call it some ritualistic kick or something they're obligated to do I don't know. My point is he's onto something through such means that they are at least willing to show us something.
I haven't watched the video. I'm not sure where this is. When I click on your link, I see a lot of pictures. What solution does he proffer?

Here's another call to arms ... -check-96/
.... We have a country of 335,000,000 people who are being herded by 1000 beltway bureaucrats. How is this possible? It’s possible because too many of us do not hold them accountable and we continue to re-elect those who are not representing our interests.

When was the last time you told your representative that you do not want a drone flying over your house taking pictures of you in your hot tub, or having TSA perverts feeling up your wife or looking at her with a scanner? Start making yourself heard, because your rights will not be pressed by themselves.

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:59 pm

Here's a conversation from nearly 2 years ago which has since been wiped off the internet:

Question from A
I’ve been trying to follow your advice to read up at Silver Legion and The Andromedan Council site. I’m confused by something they said about their refusing to take out any humans in the Cabal or their minions. They would deal with the bad ET’s but not any humans. Under no circumstances would they kill a human. Am I misreading that? If that is the case, who is going to take down the Cabal if the military is not going to do their part?

Answer from B
That pretty much was their original stance, but as things have gone on. They have come around and got to where now they are/will step in and help with taking care of the CABAL. My ET/EDs and a couple of their allies went in and ‘smacked’ them upside the head, now the CABAL are included in the ‘Bad’ guys to be removed. Their thing is about not getting involved in Human to Human affairs because it’s not their responsibility and violates Universal Law.
But, they were taken by their ears and reminded that while the CABAL might ‘look’ human, they’re not. Then it was like “oh….ok.” and adds them to the list. I think also they are all to painfully aware that us Terrans really aren’t in a position because of all the mind control etc to do what needs to be done. Certainly helped by the reports from planet side.

Question from C:
.... I’ve been having the same concern. I needed to hear that. I agree very much with the philosophy of the ET/EDs of no interference, yet the problem is Humanity in general is so shackled and crippled, not only by the Reptoids, but also the Cabal. Leaving Humans at such a disadvantage for dealing with their toxicity, making us totally ineffective.(IMO)
However, when Humanity heals, and with the ET/EDs mentoring, I feel we will be able to provide and care for ourselves and others, above and beyond anything we could imagine at this point.
Even though I don’t have contact or sightings with the ET/EDs, I’ve imagined/feel myself talking to them, for the last couple of years. When these “moments” happen it is always when my heart is very open and I’m in a philosophical/compassionate “space”. I’m realizing(thanks to this site and bloggers) this may be more than just my imagination and wishful thinking.!. As I write this, I realize I’m being taught through their example, “how to listen”, because most times I do feel as if I shared with deep special friends.
Thanks for listening! :)

Answer from B:
Yes, sounds like you are definitely connecting, I think where you can take it is just start asking questions and being open to the answers. You can meditate and do it that way, but eventually we’re all going to be able to access our telepathic abilities. No reason not to start using it now and get a jump on things. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here.

Question from D:
And pray do tell us WHO took them by the ears to remind them that the cabal are not human.
Is there some sort of hierarchy in this war? I’m thinking is there the ET equivalent of a Supreme Commander of the benevolent ET forces? I’m aware that there are many meetings, discussions etc but is there some entity at the end of the day who decides if what is being done is not enough or going in the right direction etc and directs the action which is needed? Is there someone that the ETs/EDs appeal to for help/advice; some kind of elder of the tribe kind of thing?

Answer from B:
... It varies from race to race, but The Andromeda Council is the governing body of this solar system. Think of them like an intergalactic version of the UN without the corruption, BS and Dogma. The Real Galactic Federation of Planets (no connection/relation to the Reptoid Avatar GFL/GFOL) is like the ‘management’ and handles the day to day operations in support of The Andromeda Council.
From what I understand among the ones that took them by the ears, and I mean this figuratively were multiple different allied races. Lol can’t get any more specific than that. And, no elder or anything like that, it’s just councils and stuff. They don’t operate in a Pyramid Structure like we do down here, they’ve over come that. They operate in a holographic structure which is very different. It’s complicated to explain beyond that and I just don’t have the time to right now, I’m sorry. I just don’t.
The important part is that there were those up there and on the ground that did do that, and it facilitated a very necessary change in the course of how things are being done. And, the approach they are collectively taking.

Answer from E:
Friends and allies “took us by the ears”, and yes it was necessary because we have a natural reticence against interfering directly. Direct action is warranted in the case of Earth’s situation. I have some brothers who have been helping fill me in on the details that weren’t immediately apparent ...... when we first stepped in. We really aren’t empowered to act in ways that will violate human sovereignty, but the situation is made immensely complex by the fact that right now, humans don’t have sovereignty. We’ll have to get you guys to restore it – by getting the bastards who took it away from you out of the way, so you can!

Here’s what we (the Liberation Forces) *can* do:
- remove non-physicals and physical extraterrestrials that are interfering negatively with humans.
- stop space-based threats from affecting humanity.
- remove hybrids who have been interfering negatively with humans.
- take down predatory institutions that have been set up to enslave you.
- prevent acute man-made disaster or mass destruction.
- *to a limited extent*, interfere with natural Earth changes to prevent massive loss of life and/or habitat.
- incarnate as one of you and do this work from Earth-side.

Here is what we *cannot* do:
- tell you how to govern yourselves.
- force you to adopt any kind of financial or economic system.
- appoint any kind of representative or power over you, even from among your own people.
- kill innocent humans who have not deliberately placed themselves into a situation where they are actively working against human sovereignty.

Keep in mind that the situation is evolving, it is not static and it changes greatly from day to day. The things that prompted us to interfere in the first place would have still prompted us to interfere, but the more we find out about what’s going on here on Earth, the more outraged we get. More data has only further justified interference, but it has to be managed *carefully*. As I mentioned above, humans haven’t had true sovereignty in a while, and we have to be *very very very* careful not to further threaten your sovereignty merely by interacting with you.

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:40 pm

Here's Jim Dean voicing his frustration ... -gears-up/
Frankly, America was asleep at the wheel on that one, and remains there snoozing away. I am certain that if I polled Congressional offices as to how many calls of concern they have gotten on our 'Asia Pivot' they would tell me an insignificant amount. So the public cannot claim to have had a fast one pulled on them as the shift has all be done right out in the open.

It is depressing sometimes to have to consider if such a people that cannot be bothered to be active resistance citizens on an issue as critical as the next money wasting war seeds being planted right before their eyes, do they really want to be free...or indentured servants to the elite? Who can defend such a people who cannot be bothered to defend themselves?...Jim W. Dean

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:13 am ... atherings/

Worldwide Wave Launch Gatherings

On April 4th, we will launch the first phase of the Worldwide Wave of Action by gathering at Zuccotti Park and former occupation sites throughout the world to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At 6:05pm CT, the time of his assassination, we will host vigil ceremonies and resurrect his spirit of nonviolent direct action.

People with opinions across the political spectrum are invited to unite and find common ground against corruption. We will overcome divide and conquer propaganda by forming communities of support and compassion. Together we will fight for freedom and begin engaging in a relentless campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience. People will pledge to take part in whatever tactics they are interested in throughout a sustained three-month cycle. Here’s a basic list of tactics… ... ple-2.html

My recommendation for your action: Do what is both interesting/fun and what you feel strongly for. In any area you are effective, you will be opposed by the 1% oligarchs’ minions. This is part of the game, so be prepared to respond with fun and passion. Do not expect any visible results; Faith might be helpful.

And why do this? Simply, you seem to have these choices:

1. Engage in Truth, Justice, Freedom that ends the crimes noted above in the operation’s purpose.
2. Want the above, and hope someone else does the work.
3. Accept your servility to the psychopaths who lie, loot, war-murder and use you as a stupid work animal.

Choose carefully. Life acts with justice (in the long term) and humor to give what you earn.

I note he too calls for people of passion. It's going to be human beings with passion, integrity and initiative against cold, emotionless machine mind. Let the chips fall where they will.

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:15 am

Whatever you do, don't get involved with that American Spring movement. That's just another of the shadow government's initiatives.

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:29 am

I expect this attack was neutralised by the ETs/EDs for they take care of what we can't handle. I've heard that they have foiled attempts to crack open the New Madrid fault (sometimes by the skin of their teeth)

TERRORIST ATTACK ATTEMPT AGAINST YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK; Artificial Resonance Targeting Yellowstone Lake / Volcano; Irrefutable Proof of man-made effort to trigger Eruption

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:54 am

Why should we bother to disturb the sleepers?

Here's why: ... ent-526842
We are in a hologram, a manifestation of the collective thoughts of all the various beings that live inside this creation. The Universe is a Mirror of Thoughts. There’s some info on this at
***http // ... iverse.htm****
So if enough people wake up and decide that what is happening on this planet is not acceptable and must stop, all the cabal’s work and machinations will vanish overnight. That is why they are imposing all these controls (eg Gwen towers, chemtrails, fluoride etc) on the populace – to stop us regaining our full consciousness. If you wish to end the horrors on Earth, go and wake more people up.


Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by lizard69 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:56 am


You may have noticed though this phenomenon for sure though : Whoever has awakend from the "TRANCE" feels THE ONE (has happened to me many times (when was 20-22 years old ,and now again )
The messiah syndrome-complex hehehe

And as someone said ,once you realize that you havent been paranoid(if there is a tendency in your blueprint(etheric body etc )) for nothing after all .It serves a PURPOSE

So ,I have been faced many times withthe DILEMMA (duality) again

Would I like to be in a world where everybody or the big majority is AWAKENED ?

Something to ponder

I have downloaded info from many places(universes) and I realize after all that I dont need to talk anymore.Just BE

It was always like that

I just cant stand some egomaniac dikcs who want to run the show ,and act out the heretic-messiahnic bullshit

I just cant

Now ,tell me where that comes from ?

Is it my reptillian genes that prevent me to set free the slaves ?


Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by lizard69 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:39 am

And wanted to add this :

Just wanted to share basically this with you

Im 39 years old .

So ,when I went to school 1st grade and learned the alphabet (Greek) ,I learned the old system(dont think that the word exists in other languages(in French maybe .Les accents .accent egu )

So anyway ,I learned that and after some months,It was withdrawn and replaced .....1980-1981 by the minister of education (george Rallis 33rd MAson >>>=JEWS)

So they fucked the language basically ,and my generation is FUCKED UP .There is tremendous frustration around the young to express themselves .We basically have a 300-500 vocabulary max .
When the Greek langiage has some millions of words


So ,basically I have to learn again the language from the beginning.Know what I mean .And when I do ,I can rule !

Its that simple

All I have to do ,is read some Marcus Aurelius,Archemides,Plato ,Aristoteles and within 6 months-1 year I will have a new BRAND BRAIN (a very high IQ ,a very sharp mind,super clarity etc )

So ,you think that after doing that ,I will care about what is going on on this PLANE ?


Why ?

Cause I would have fullfiled my destiny


Its always been like that


That is the GAME

All the rest is for kids,and to fuck around (=gossip,hobby etc )

You mentioned the CABAL .
Well the Cabal as you may have found out ,is indeed a very ancient group of souls ,having fun

They laugh hahahahah and are really having FUN

They are more clever than you ,more educated,more sophisticated etc etc .They are evolved beings .The NEW MAN

We are very lucky ,me and you that we are ALIVE

They could have suck our souls in a split second if they wanted to

Deep inside they are BORED TO DEATH ,waiting for the slave to awaken ....It wont happen .Sorry for the bad news

To awaken means to go and test your limits on all levels of your existence

All the tools are out there.They have always been

The question is :

WHat are you gonna do about it ?

(gotcha there)

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Re: Chemtrails & Nanotechnology Dispersion - We're all bugge

Post by soldierhugsmember » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:01 am

I wouldn't go so far as to say the cabal are more clever than people.
They're just plain more evil.
A person's tendency is to assume that whoever he's interacting with is on the same page ie a kindred spirit rather than a psychopath.
That puts the person on the wrong footing.
When people wake up, when telepathy is the norm, such psychopaths have nowhere to hide.
Regular humans will see them as they truly are.
What do you think they will do?

My expectation is that all these deviants will have to be totally destroyed such that they will never exist again. There are entities here who can attend to such garbage disposal. More grease to their elbows, I say. When they clean house, they clean house.

The draco reptilians and presumably the hydra too) have supposedly, fallback plans should humanity manage to make the Shift. I don't know if they will survive as they hope. Their fate is for others to determine. As Jim Dines likes to remind his subscribers: I only work here. I expect their species will eventually have to decide to change and evolve or they will be annihilated or simply die off. Devolution is not a clever choice but everyone has free will...

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