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Re: Don't panic

Post by DickPile » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:15 pm

Okay I live in Norway and I'm well protected from copyright laws. And it's not really fear, more of wanting to respect a business even though I really want to share. As long as Daniel is fine with me sharing it..

The three basic rules to thinking "like a genius" or intelligently is:
- don't make any assumptions
- examine things thouroughly and closely as possible
- and keep expanding your attention.

I think it's quite neat, since it puts words to what you already know is what you need to do to find the right answer/truth. And you can use it in any everyday situation as well i.e. expand attention to recall if you have all the ingredients for dinner, don't assume you have them, check if you have them.
daniel wrote:You cannot rely on modern "education" these days, so if you want to be intelligent, you are going to have to learn how to do it yourself. And that means understanding how you understand things. The root of intelligence is logic--and that applies to BOTH thinking and feeling! Thinking is logical in 3D space; feeling is logical in 3D time. So start out with learning some basic logic. Though I did find it interesting when LB posted a logical assertion challenge on Antiquatis (Master of Many Trades) and no one answered it... or even tried. To me, that points out a "defect" in the foundation of the thought process, itself, on which abstract structures are built. You should always check for defects in workmanship, before building that skyscraper to challenge the gods!
Still working on the 3D space and time thingy.
Yes I realized that education doesn't teach you much useful, and I like studying things that are out of the ordinary, like The Reciprocal Theory, documentaries and conspiracy theories.
I'm currently taking a course in something extremely useful called Permaculture. Which is an ethical approach to land use and with a community that is open to any useful new ideas on how to create sustainable designed landscape. Might be useful if/ when the Kheb Monestary will be built.

Ok this post got far longer than I intended. This is enjoyable :D
Truth is pure beautiful simplicity

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