Shape-Shifting Skulls of Dinosaurs

Revealing how history was hidden in the past, and the origins of man are a lot different than what is taught.

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Shape-Shifting Skulls of Dinosaurs

Post by Djchrismac » Thu May 23, 2019 3:48 am

In the flurry of early paleontology every hunter wanted to make a name for themselves and every museum wanted a big skeleton to display. When uncovereing skeletons during digs, any minor differences in skulls and size were attributed to a different species, or similar species from the same family tree. Where are the babies though? Could it be that what was previously thought of as a different species are actually different stages of development for the same species?

Horner makes so much sense with this logical research - I don't often come on here and praise mainstream scientists but I think they are spot on with this. If you know any kids, show them this video quickly as it turns out they have a good few less dinosaur names to remember!

I'm just glad the consensus is to keep the first name given to one of the discoveries, so we don't lose Triceratops. :D
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