The Psychology of Souls

Revealing how history was hidden in the past, and the origins of man are a lot different than what is taught.

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Re: The Psychology of Souls

Post by daniel » Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:08 am

I didn't know there was an American Federation of Astrologers. Let's get a corporation--an entity controlled and regulated by government--into every aspect of our lives! Well, at least now I can check to see if an astrologer is "certified"--and keep looking until I can find one who isn't. (In case you don't know, "certification" means you have to tout the party line.)
soldierhugsmember wrote:Do get that book if you want to know about demons.
I'd say it saved my life during that fateful cruise.

I'll give you another useful tip
Don't be scared of demons.
It only encourages them and they don't need any more of that.
So, demons cannot be trusted, are fearful, take more than they give, cause people problems, never fulfill their promises... so then, what's the difference between demons and the New World Order? Oh--just the name. :D
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Re: The Psychology of Souls

Post by soldierhugsmember » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:40 pm

Came across this today

In classical Witchcraft, a major event in the life of a young witch is the establishment of a relationship
with their "guide". A guide is someone who once lived on Earth but has died and so has no physical
body. Most people leave this dimension when they die but some do not. Unfinished businesses and
attachments hold them close to the Earth. These "spirits" seek the companionship of someone who is still
living. By establishing such a bond, they can continue to experience situations they crave which are not
available in the higher planes. It could be, for example, something as simple as smoking tobacco. These
relationships are generally symbiotic and positive. The guide receives experiences it desires and the
physical witch receives the benefit of information the guide can obtain but the witch cannot. Since the
guide lives in the Astral dimension, it has access to knowledge of future events in our timescape. This as
well as other advantages greatly contribute to the "supernormal" abilities of a trained witch.

However, not all discarnate entities who hang around Earth are interested in forming positive and mutual
beneficial relationships with some living person. These entities also have desires they can no longer
fulfill because they are now dead. However, their desires are evil. It is common to call these entities
"demons". They would love to establish an attachment to some living person so that they could fulfill
their, shall we say, less benevolent desires. They are naturally attracted to people who are still alive and
who seek the same things.

Some have wondered why people who are known to be genuinely good dramatically change shortly after
they get involved in national politics and move to Washington, D.C. Brice Taylor, an escaped
MKULTRA "Presidential Model" sex slave explains in her book [7] and her free You Tube videos [8]
that she was trained to provide incredible perfect sex which would cause the man to go into an altered
state of consciousness where he would be susceptible to demonic possession. Once the link was made, it
would likely last for life and lead the victim deeper and deeper in the Washington D.C. social scene of
drugs, sex and Satanic rituals. These bonds can be broken, however knowledge and mastery of mysticism
would be required. The victim likely has neither and also is generally unaware of what has happened to
him. He only knows that now he craves debauchery which, previously, would have disgusted him. He is
now "with the program"

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