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Define Hologram

Post by Andrew » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:28 pm

How do you define a hologram, daniel, in the context of the quote posted on your Facebook? Discussions of Holograms tend to have illusory connotations. A scary thing to mix into a scientific discussion involving reality. I know that is not the case -- RS is derived from natural consequences. But it is important to understand what separates your understanding of RS2 holographics from the virtual understanding of holographics we may have. Can you please expand on the subject?
daniel wrote:If you've read my papers, then you know my motto is, "everything you know is backwards." People now think we live in an artificial reality, because we can simulate Nature with computer programs. But... it's backwards. What has happened is that our ability to emulate nature has gotten so good--we've actually DISCOVERED how Nature works--"reality" IS a hologram. So you don't want to collapse the hologram, as Reality will go with it! But what you DO want to do is to understand HOW the hologram works, so that you can learn to alter it--much like "calling for the Arch" on the Holodecks of Star Trek. Or, if you prefer Harry Potter--magick is the science of controlling the hologram. And that is where RS2, the reevaluation of the Reciprocal System comes in.
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Re: Define Hologram

Post by daniel » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:24 am

Andrew wrote:
Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:28 pm
How do you define a hologram, daniel, in the context of the quote posted on your Facebook?
For me, the hologram is the reification (making real) of an abstraction.

In Sci-Fi, the abstraction is a computer model that gets projected as hard-light images into a room, so they can be interacted with. Turn off the computer and the model disappears.

With RS/RS2, the abstraction is called "scalar motion" and the reification of it is what shows up in a 3D coordinate system, in either space or time. But we cannot turn off Nature.

Common holograms are actually an abstraction of the 3D coordinate system that become reified, again, into another kind of 3D display! Since we start at a 3D reality, they have off switches.
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