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Re: Insider knowledge or collective

Post by 67kevin » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:05 am

What I was getting at with the start of this thread is that so much of what people burn energy about is the constant “coincidence or conspiracy” debate. A perfect example here on 911:
Or the idea that someone already had insider knowledge about the Face on Mars in 1958:
So many investigators grind away at the dead end street of compiling enough examples of such uncanny coincidences, that statistically it becomes clear that this not just happening by chance, but then jump straight into the equally unlikely scenario that huge numbers of the artists in the Entertainment industry are actively engaged with some mysterious group of folks whose job it is to funnel creative ideas into artists hands so they can put this stuff into the minds of the public. Like somehow the laws of magik don’t allow them to do anything without informing us first, at least on some level. Bull. We already know everything. The only magik they have is to teach you that we don't.
Well here’s what they really don’t want you to know. Any creative artist that is any good at what they do and that resonates with the buying public is naturally tapping into the collective human consciousness, and is in no way bound by time and space. When they coincidentally portray future or yet unknown information, it is not some grand conspiracy, but simply a naturally occurring psychic gift that we all share. When we lock ourselves into the physical half of reality we con ourselves into believing that individually we are so smart, creative, insightful, intuitive, and wise. When our creation is successfully true enough or resonates enough with enough of the general population we become famous for being exceptional. Yet all that that person did was channel some information from the collective non-physical part of reality that we remain oblivious to over here. Even scientific inventions are just manifestations of remembered abilities lost when we came here to the physical world from the spirit world, where we could fly, communicate over long distance, access all information, manifest our thoughts, and be free from disease and most of all pain. Conspiracy or coincidence? Yes, both (the answer to every debate in this false reality). We are individually conspiring with our collective selves on the other side, unbound by space and time which are illusions of this physical cage, and on rare occasion when events are big enough and the connection and interpretation are strong enough someone coincidentally portrays something that happens, somewhere/sometime and it becomes popular not because of the great gift of the conduit that delivered it, but because we are drawn to it, thirsty for it. It was what we had been missing all along. That we already knew, and coming here, forgot. Once in a rare while, we cross over to the other side in our dreams and imagination, and smuggle a few tidbits of truth back with us when we cross the border.

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