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Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:59 pm

He's known for his work in analysing internet data to predict the future. His theory is that human beings as a whole, are psychic. His forecasts are based on analysing the change in the language on the internet

He gave a very interesting interview on 10 August and topics discussed include chemtrails, the secret space war and the breakaway civilisation.

I'll break up my notes in this thread but please note that I have not covered the last half hour:

4:34 mins
Friend in British Columbia.
Canadian wilderness - thousands of acres of dead trees
Clif is convinced it's the aluminium from chemtrails which is causing this.
Purple colour is from strontium and barium

7:20 min
Went to Oregan
No chemtrails there
It was very hot
115 degrees in the shade
Compare Oregan where there are no chemtrails to where he lives (Puget Sound) where there are chemtrails
When crossed over to Port of Kelso, Longview where there is shade from the chemtrails, the temperature dropped 15 degrees
Noticed that rarely get chemtrails in Oregon.

Oregon has very little military presence
Washington state has a huge military presence located around Puget Sound
Population is spread out over Washington state but the chemtrails are concentrated in an area where the military is based

Interviewer: Protect our assets?

CH: Yes.
On evenings when get clear sight here, go out with 3rd generation night goggles to watch the unacknowledged, hidden space fleet
See the ships moving around, doing logistics, manoeuvres, loading and unloading with smaller vehicles acting as tenders.
Large huge vehicles.
Going by the pixel count, may be 5/6 miles wide and as long as 50 miles
Goggles focused to about 145 miles out

Interviewer: This is our stuff?
CH: I sure hope so

Some of the other stuff seen are boxy, look like something from Star Trek, Borg episode
They look human in that regard
Triangular ships look human too
But observed things here, based on his reaction and the type of propulsion seen, does not expect humanity to have developed them
Thought he was looking at something truly alien
One he describes as the 'drive-in movie' spaceship
A year or 2 ago, at this time of year, while watching some triangular ships up there doing regular manoeuvres, they all scattered in obvious reaction
There were three groups of 3 of the triangular craft, one of the square boxy craft
Light appeared in space in a defined space
A tear drop shaped spaceship appeared on the other side of the light and the light winks out
Clif describes how the craft moved
The triangular craft appeared to be afraid of this thing.
Also see triangular craft shoot at other craft
Has seen actions that he would described as aggressive -
Use oflasers/pulsed energy weapons which caused intruders to leave
Triangular craft prevailed
Intruders can appear suddenly

What about this dark knight - satellite that's orbiting around the polar region?
CH: Don't have polar view but have friends who are Russian scientists who do
Russians spending a lot of money on that part of space

Chemtrails - coronal hole
CH: Sun is in transitional stage
We're in part of 100K year cycle when we enter into an ice age which is associated with growth patterns of planet itself.
Evidence of growth of planet everywhere - sinkholes, etc

If you want to get conspiracy minded, let's get back to the chemtrails issue.
Here we find them around the US military bases that are in the Puget Sound area.
When I travelled in the east coast, I've seen chemtrails mass over military bases
Maybe the idea is that you're gonna protect the assets from view from space by putting a magnetic shield over those assets
That would make a lot of sense if you're involved in a secret space war.
You wouldn't want your enemy to view through and one way would be to put a scattering layer up there.
Viewed from this way, chemtrails are very much like the chaff that they would drop behind planes during the cold war to get the missiles to hit that instead of the airplanes.
So it makes sense
If that were the case, you would expect to find chemtrails over the heavily populated areas where there was something to hide, militarily, economically and in this case, you'd also have to include infrastructure that would be electronic because the internet and all of this kind of stuff can be seen from space if you're looking for electric webs.
Because we have such huge concentrations of servers and all the lines and the routers and gigabits of data.
All of this stuff causes heat and concentrations of effort on our part.
So you'd want to hide this sort of thing to it would tell our potential enemy where we would be vulnerable in terms of our information centre
If we are militarily in a secret space war, the chemtrails would make sense and if we found evidence that they were primarily over places like Brussels, London, anywhere where there were concentrations of military bases, regional capitals and concentrations of wealth and so on, but where they left vast areas alone where there was agriculture etc, then it seems to be enough evidence to conclude that these things are probably focused on protecting our assets from something ... that used to be able to look straight down on us but can't because there is confusion that has been put up there.
Unfortunately, the layer of confusion is mucking about with our weather, poisoning us with barium, strontium, aluminium etc and also could be used for changing our planet
If we were doing it somewhere else, we would call it terraforming.
There seems to be a real planetary effect from the chemtrails which may be incidental,accidental, and not to their initial understanding.
There is one other big, huge thing that I've heard about it.
That has to do with the geoengineering.
You've heard the idea of the methane eruptions?

Chemtrails would theoretically be used change the albedo, the reflectivity of the planet such that the methane at the bottom of the ocean wouldn't boil up and kill all life.
If that were the case, the chemtrails would not be applied as they are.
You would instead want to do the thing with the chemtrails (if you were going to make it effective) at the poles where they have the shielding of the polar areas and reflecting light there and we would have them at other specific areas where we used to have concentrations of glaciers that did the same things

Interviewer:The energy comes in through the poles?

CH: Correct, magnetically and otherwise
So it doesn't make sense for the geoengineering effort.
Also I don't know if the guys in charge of the chemtrails (a) care about the methane because they may see themselves in ( b ) a short term effort for survival against ( c ) a bunch of space aliens or whatever

Interviewer: Or perhaps a group that managed to escape at the end of WW2?

CH: Correctly so.
Anybody with some level of power, could be placed as a category of enemy and it doesn't make any difference who they are and we shouldn't even really care.
All we should care about is ... to look for the evidence that a secret war is going on and if so, how is it going to affect us?

CH: You guys in the UK have terrible statistics
I've got an acre over here but in the UK, I've heard that there are 16 million acres that are in Britain and if you share that among the population, every person would have an acre to live on
But because of the way things are cut up, 70% of the land is owned by the royals and a couple of corporations, and all the other Britons are forced to live on in 380 sq yards
I thought it would be terrible trying to be sovereign over here but that would be a serious challenge on only 380 sq yards


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:00 pm

Interviewer asks about the fascist situation in the USA.

CH: That is indeed the case.
This has to be seen in big broad stripes.
You have to include Canada in this but leave Mexico out for the moment.
See it as divided into thirds
The place where the fascists are most open, most accepted, most supported is in the eastern third
Along the 220 million person corridor that includes the New York, Washington DC, all the way down to Florida but also Maine; as far as the Appalachians
Where it is very heavily populated.
This is where they are shutting down whole cities and so on
We see some evidence of that behaviour in the 2 other stripes
One other stripe would be the central third of the country; very lightly populated with very few population centres that are going to be very easily controlled.
And they are trying that sort of thing now and meeting stiff resistance in some areas - Texas and so on.

Then there is that other third of the country, which is our west coast, which in a sense, can be divided up into the reconquista areas of California.
Might as well call it Greater Tijuana as we've had an invasion of former Mexican citizens and they own California now.
We might as well recognise that it has been reconquered
There there is the ecotopia region which is British Columbia, Washington state and parts of Oregon
In our area here, we have an interesting set of circumstances going on.
Fascistas are running into real problems with the now indigenous, resistive, armed and territorial former Mexican population in California.
When they try certain crowd control things, they are running into a cultural barrier they hadn't anticipated
So they are sort of losing the battle there.

Then up in our ecotopia area, we're very much more co-operative.
So the federalistas have pretty much colonised Seattle and it's heavily occupied by the DHS.
They are heavily ensconced in Seattle and they're trying to control it up there.
But there's a problem for them - the basic population here has been influenced by Scandinavians, Irish and Salish, who are the local people here.
The nature of ecotopia - the people are co-operative by nature.
We co-operate under adverse circumstances.
The immigrants have adopted that approach and so the divide-and-conquer doesn't work well.
Especially when the indigenous population view all outsiders with a little bit of suspicion.
So again, the fascistas haven't taken the glove off here.

So it's only in a third of the country and it's really nasty there

33:25 mins
We have to acknowledge that there is a secret war going on
People like myself are facing issues, harrassment and other people have been taken to the point where they killed them
Such as Michael Hastings
Such things are ongoing in what they called in Argentina, the quiet war; the hidden war; where the government was just kidnapping people and doing away with them
That's what we face now
I place myself squarely there because of the interference we've had with our work and the increasing pressure that we're getting
That level is increasing.
I am encouraged though by this activity.
The fact that the fascistas have taken the glove off in a third of the country that they think they really control (which is the 220 million people that live in the eastern third) and they are slowly starting to take it off in this area means that they are very desperate.
They would keep that glove on for as long as possible because they know that once that glove is off, you do not put it back on.
It's open warfare after that.
If you look at Tavistock and CFR and read through their documents, they've always known that if it comes to open warfare, they lose.
There's just no question about it.
It's the same kind of thing we faced.
We meaning the poor brothers and sisters of mine who went Vietnam etc
We were there at the behest of evil corporations
We didn't know what we were doing.
We were there to kill and slaughter and maim
Unfortunately we were all trained and good at it
We were brainwashed
But nonetheless, we were overwhelmed by the human wave approach
As they say in the movie 'V', they only have bullets
When they stop to reload, they're vulnerable.
That's what it's going to come down to here.
They've known that.
Tavistock .... it's hidden in their discourses but the CFR here in the US here in their website, it's entitled Auger(?) ....
They actually have documents in which they discuss the disparity between their plans and the resistance they're going to run into and what happens if that resistance becomes open and even organised at a self organising level.
We're running into that now and we're seeing some of the reaction to that.
They're having to take their glove off and that's something they desperately do not wish to do
At the same time, if we have to put that into this other perspective, they indeed are facing some kind of threat from space or some sort of fear that is directing a lot of the TPTB and their action.
Some of these actions are horrific in terms of their cost so we know the fear must be horrific.
Eg. There is a 12 hundred miles (close to 1600 kilometres) underground road system that goes from the middle of our country (or say in the Kansas area) that will take you all the way up underneath the entire level of the solid part of that one third in the east.
In other words, you can drive about 1600 km underground from the middle of our country up until the north east and never see daylight on huge giant roads that are capable of handling very, very large vehicles.
Larger than we actually see travel our highway system at the moment.
We know our highway system in the US was created primarily to move military equipment rapidly on the model of the German autobahn
So they have taken it one step further and put it underground
That begs the question: What are they trying to hide it from?


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:02 pm

37:40 mins
Interviewer: It's very strange [inaudible] concerns the expansion theory.
Is it Grace, the 2 satellites Grace that orbit the Earth?
They measure the magnetic anomalies
They put together a little animation
[This may be the video: ]

CH: Yeah. It's quite shocking, isn't it?
It's like everything's coming unravelled

Interviewer: It looks like it's been pushed and squeezed and pulled apart and everything put back together again
It's just amazing to see that video .....

CH: You need to look at that video and think to yourself the following:
All the evidence that Charles Hapgood, Graham Hancock, all of these people I've ever encountered on polar shift, needs to be looked at the examination of the expansion of the Earth
All of their evidence can also support the expansion of the Earth
If we look at it that way, there has never been a polar shift even though we had magnetics gone wonky repeatedly
The crust has never actually shifted
We can then follow that line of thinking and we go into Dr Bhat...
He's a Hindu fella and he lived in the 30s and 40s and he's a mathematician
He's an absolute genius...
He encountered an idea and he said we never orbited the sun and I can prove it.
In doing so, he also validated the expansion of the Earth.
Fundamentally, the sun is a comet.
It's shoving through interstellar space which is not a vacuum.
It's hard stuff.
Going through that hard stuff creates that friction, that electric interaction that causes all the light and all the heat we get back here.
We only think it's a vacuum.
Only way we're able to examine the area right behind the sun which is indeed a vacuum because the sun is going so fast, there are no particles there.
Besides, it's burning them all up.
There's all kinds of other things that follow from this, including the expansion
If we are indeed following behind the sun, in the cone behind the sun, all of our planets have an allocated area within that cone which mathematically works out beautifully when you start plotting it against what we know of as astrology and astronomy.
But it also points to something else - that the cone harmonics change over time and as the planets grow, they shift further back away from the sun which accounts for the lengthening of the orbit.
Presumed orbit of Earth over time that is explained frequently in really bizarre ways.
Frequently you find people say, "The Earth gained 5.24 days in our orbit because Venus was captured by the sun."
I beg to differ.
I would say we gained those days in our orbit because the planet grew during the last expansion cycle, as it is growing now and we have the evidence that the growth is there and we're about to have a longer orbital period.
That is to say in more days in our year.
We're just too stupid to recognise that yet.

41 mins.
Interviewer: Yeah, there is a definite change in the seasons and.... the years are not the same any more
Weatherwise, a lot of different things ... over the past 4/5 years

CH: It makes sense too when you think about it.
There is this concept known as the universal construct that a lot of the scientists went into from various different viewpoints
But the astronomers see it as this one second pulse that is clearly one second, precisely one second.
It travels through the universe
It has a one second period that is seen within suns, planets, everywhere.
I think it is a subset of this 22 trillion times a second effect that is the creation/destruction cycle
But just examining this pulse for a second, we get the idea that there is this constant time clock going off in the background; sort of like a crystal oscillator for the whole universe, if you will.
But they noticed something recently, and you see articles about the degradation rate of the radioactive ions has changed and you'll see people say, "Oh, the sun's causing it."
At one level, the sun is really causing it because the sun is our local portal into the one second tick that has got all of universe synchronised
You'd notice that if one wanted to hunt for it, you'll find that there is evidence that we are slipping further away from the sun.
It is that slipping away from the sun and at the same time as the sun is becoming more energised because of the area of space that we're going through, is accounting not only for the weird weather and stuff down here, but actually for our perception of time changing
I hear about it in a lot of different ways from a lot of different languages where people are trying to put their finger on what it is exactly that is making everything a little wonky, as though the whole universe is a little pear shaped somehow.
I'm putting it down to a change in the fundamental nature of time.
There are scientists out there that are saying the ESR (electronic spin resonance) has indeed changed.
We may see that effect ultimately in things like the Schumann resonance
The resonance may change as we go forward
I've heard a lot of evidence that it has changed
It is easily measured if you know what you are doing, and it has indeed not, to the degree that I'm able to measure.
But that does not necessarily preclude that it won't, especially since we're seeing the precusor, IMO, which is the change in the ESR, and that's being reflected in the radioactive decay rates altering.
The scientists have no real clue as to why radioactivity is suddenly changing its decay rate


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:07 pm

44:20 mins
Interviewer: The Russians have discovered that this galactic space that we're going through is a denser region

CH: Correct.
The heliopause and the heliosphere have changed relative to that
If you're a sailor or if you've been in a boat, you'd understand that if you're going through an area of the water and if there is a lot of debris ahead of you, if the water is colder, you'd throw up a higher bow wave.
That also accounts for the vacuum behind the boat.
You'd see that occasionally and you pull the debris along behind you ....
The Russians have got fantastic science stuff out there.
They take it so far and for some reason, probably have something to do with aggression and classified nature and stuff, you run into a lot of these walls
That's kind of the same effect we've got now
So we're left with a lot of questions about their research.
But some of the conclusions that they come to, I find hard to dispute
One of them is this dense region of space that we're in has altered a lot of things beyond simply the intensity of the sun.
One of the conclusions that they came to, is that we have to be wary of conclusions that we might make now because we're in a period that may not be reflective of our longer history on this planet
Eg if we're at the peak of a 100,000 year cycle, maybe we're in a period of 2/3 thousand year that, with respect to the rest of that cycle, are atypical or abnormal
So we see people say that our sun is a variable star
If you are judging it by the last few years, I'd agree that there would be some evidence to that.
However, if you are looking at it in humanity's history and its evidence that is here on the Earth, variability really doesn't enter into it, except in these tiny little periods and bursts
So a variable star in the sense that it is suddenly going to flare out and cause red bursts and fry us off the universe - I don't see that yet.
That does happen with variable stars but I don't think ours is variable in that way.
It is irritated at the moment because it has to push through some stuff that is a little bit denser than what it normally likes

46:42 mins
Interviewer: Indeed. Discharging in a different area of the electrical environment in the galaxy

CH: Correct and if you ever done arc welding on a piece of steel, and you hit one of those little flakes in a piece of steel that is incredibly hard, the weld changes instantly
It's kind of like that.

47:18 min
Interviewer: ..... one day I came to the conclusion that our solar system is a comet
If you take it out further, our galaxy is also a comet
It's just amazing.

CH: Exactly, The metaphor and in fact , so is our planet
Now they said indeed, everything does have a comma
They were dragging debris behind us
Then we have all this other weird stuff as why is the manufactured object we call the moon where it is?
Who put it there?
What are we going to do about it?

Getting back to the idea of a comet, if any of your listeners want to see a beautiful example of that, go to Youtube and look up DJSadhu
He's this dishwasher out of Holland who is a genius with animation who's done this amazing animation of Dr Bhat's model of the universe, put into action and showing our solar system as a comet with the planets behind it.
Has more accuracy in it even though it's hugely distorted proportionally
It has more accuracy in it than anything you'd ever seen in your life relative to how our solar system actually behaves
He's got a lot of astrophysicists that are now really paying attention now that they see it themselves.
It also has a lot of interesting ramifications for us.
Eg the sinkholes.
Why do the sinkholes appear?
We have some sinkholes that are like the ones in the Bayou area in Louisiana with the methane etc that were in fact salt domes with big arches over them, and then the dome collapses
That's a dome collapse.
That wasn't a sinkhole as we got them around the planet.
Because the planet is expanding, the planet is not as we perceive it underneath our feet - a giant solid mass of rock.
It is all these little pebbles that are sort of held together by their willingness to associate with each other.
Some of them are no longer quite so willing to associate as the internal pressure of the planet changes and so these holes form.
You can look at the process of the expansion of the planet from the inside out and see that the holes are necessarily the side effect
We may get to the point where giant sinkholes emerge and whole regions decide that they are going to subside a great deal

Interviewer; We could turn to cottage cheese for all we know

CH: I don't think it's going to get quite that bad.
There's a couple of guys in the Russian science forums where they are discussing planetary expansion stuff
They are very much worried about the idea that there's only a certain amount of gravity holding us together ....
And that this could be a great major doom
Thinking is that we've seen some of it in the past and some of the greater examples of it are in the Steppes, to the east of the Urals.
Those areas where they actually have collapsed in previous examples - they may run 120 miles long and be 80/90 miles wide at their widest point
But at their greatest depth, they're only in the order of 40/50 feet.
So it's not like they've hugely collapsed.
The nature of the sinkhole is that the material is going to fill in at the small level
If these are very large tears that occur suddenly underneath the different layers of the ground surface upon which we live, then everything sinks in and top surface still reflect that
We even have those here in the US
I think we're about to see a number of new episodes of this.
It's going to be quite interesting to see how long it continues and what shape we end up in.
That video/animation that the NASA guys put together is like, oh geez, lumpy dough, here we are


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:37 pm

51:50 mins
Interviewer: Would you attribute any of this Bayou salt dome collapse to the Gulf; to what they unleashed down there?

CH: Sure. The hit that was done on the Gulf.
Let's get really conspiratorial and look at some of the strange things.
Let's leave aside all of that conspiracy for toddlers that we've been discussing.
Conspiracy for adults has to do with the fact that the moon is an artificial body and all of our governments know it.
Conspiracy for adults has to do with the probability that there's another intelligent hominid or near hominid species that is living on this planet with us; may have existed simultaneously with us for a long period of time; may or may not be indigenous to this planet but is certainly here now in a large number and we're going to have to deal with them and they're aquatic.
They are under the water.

52:48 mins
How does one deal with this?
Maybe if you're at war with these beings, as our combined breakaway civilisation US navy-led fleet seem to be, you'd do things like poisoning their water.
So we've had a hit on the Gulf.
We've had a hit on the Pacific
We've had a hit in the Indian Ocean with the Bandar Aceh [tsunami]
That may actually have been caused by a nuclear explosion aimed at something there
So I'm waiting for a hit on the Indian Ocean and a hit on the Atlantic because I'm of the opinion that these aquatic beings do exist
There's a lot of evidence for them existing
I don't think that they are primitives or like tribes in the Amazon.
I think these are highly sophisticated beings that may have technologies beyond our understanding....
Let's project on this idea that all militaries are like little boys with a hammer
Every problem is a nail
So the military is going to see things aggressively, whether or not that aggression should have been there to begin with
We have to stop and examine the idea that this species may have been left over here or installed here by the same species that ultimately way back in the beginning, created humanity.
By that, I mean the Nummo.

Interviewer: The Fish People

CH: The aquatic beings. Correct
The aquatic beings couldn't walk well and we had to carry them around.
But they were really smart and they made our DNA.
They're non aggressive.
They really screwed up the planet here
They know they owe us and they're trying to help us out.
This aquatic hominid may have been recently put here by them, 1000 years ago, 5 years ago?
I have no way of knowing.
Or they may have been here for centuries because we've had reports of strange aquatic stuff - mermen, mermaids - for all of human history.
Even if we go back to the Sanskrit, we see references to the Hindu version of Noah.
This guy by the name of Manu being saved by an encounter with a fish being that he had inadvertently netted.
He was the guy in a row boat, catching fish and he nets this being and the fish says to him, "Hey! You can't take me. I'm not a fish. You don't want to eat me."
He lets him loose and the fish being tells him to grab the woman who knows everything about all the plants in the world, get into his boat and get ready because the rain's coming.
He did that and he survived and she survived.
They were able to walk the land and teach the young children who survived, the names and uses of all the plants on the planet
The Creation story is seen from a condensed version of thousands and thousands of pages of Sanskrit
It relates to the Nummo and in the Sanskrit, there are so many references to the Nummo and their traditional enemies who are the Nagheads(?) who are the serpents
In Ireland and in Scotland, ?? saw 'this land has no serpents'
...... your land is considered free when the serpents are thrown out.

56:38 mins
At the personal level, that's how the Hindus express it.
"I am not a serpent"
In their language, in Sanskrit and Pali, (I haven't see it in Tamil yet), their expression towards sovereignty is: You are not a serpent.
Interesting view of the planet when you look at the language


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:38 pm

Interviewer: This Fukushima thing - they've admitted what we've known all along; that they're not in control there.

CH: Sure and nothing is going on
The Russians say we should bomb it and I would kind of agree.
The problem for all of us is the conspiracy level here.
If we're fighting this multiple space alien battles and we're also dealing with these beings, whether they're terrestrial and native, or space aliens, is immaterial as far as our military thinks they're the enemy and they're living at the bottom of the ocean.
One of the ways the military's going to deal with it, is to do things like seize the resources.
Take the high ground as their approach and control weather and the environment by poisoning what to them is useless surface
The military don't really care if there is radioactivity in the water
They're in a nuclear sub....
The sub doesn't care that much
There is also a great amount of radioactivity released by the BP action, when they released the oil volcano in the Gulf, which is still going on
They never sealed that up.
The fascistas in the east coast have now made it a federal crime through executive order where Obama made it a federal crime for anyone who wants to report on it to go anywhere near the Gulf.
The penalty will be thousands of dollars in fines and 5 years in jail and they mean it.
People going to report on this have disappeared
So (a) it's still going on ( b ) they never sealed it up ( c) we know they are still spraying the corexit
I know lots of individuals down there who are still very ill
One of their agendas appears to be deprive these aquatic beings of access to certain areas, such as certain parts of the Pacific and most notably, the west coast of the US because that's where all of the radiation seems to be spewing.
Japan is getting affected as well.
There may have been an initial uptick in the aggression of the war with the Bandar Aceh earthquake
There were a lot of rumours at the time that the earthquake itself was spiked.
That was similar to nuclear tests kind of spikes
Also with the Fukushima earthquake.
We saw the same kind of thing with the earthquake shape - the 3/11 earthquake that supposedly damaged Fukushima
And where it was placed and everything.
I think the quake was strategically placed in the sense that a mile to the north, half a mile to the south, a tsunami would not have created any havoc at all at Fukushima
It was like almost precisely placed to cause just that kind of damage.
So one has to wonder


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:39 pm

Then we start seeing at Washington state here.
We got a lot of coastline - 2000/3000 miles of coastline
In Puget Sound, ..... there is a heavy navy presence here
We see actions that don't make sense relative to the official pronouncements as to what the navy says they're doing
I can look at some things that people point to as evidence of the fascistas
One of the evidence might be recently at Port Angeles, near where they filmed The Egg & I , Cape Flattery and all that area, the straits.
There was an incident where the US military flew over the Port Angeles area in helicopters at night; high intensity lights going; noise everywhere with no notice and no warning of anything.
Caused all kinds of havoc around here.
Big town meetings.
Everybody up in arms.
The military comes on in and says, "Ooops!. My bad. Our PR guys just screwed up."
That was their response: Our PR guys screwed up.
If our PR guys had not screwed up, you would have gotten notice 24 hours ahead.....
I think that wasn't the case
I think they were out hunting for something
That something was in the water
There's been evidence of this kind of activity in the area we call Hood Canal which is basically a salt water rip into the state which is not really estuary, in the way Puget Sound is
It's much deeper and has oceanic species of fish and shrimp etc
Whereas Puget Sound is more brackish ....
There was something going on.
There was a helluva lot of helicopters; a lot of activity and here's the thing.
I was an army brat for years ..... and there's a few things I know about how the military used to operate
They do not do so any more - we have to have that caveat
It's hard for me to imagine that organisation changes that much but when they do things like send out bunches of helicopters and stuff - that costs money
If they were going to do that and they know they're going to do that ahead of time, there are people writing little chits everywhere, signing their names on little pieces of paper, paperwork being passed back and forth, undoubtedly these days on computer.#
But nonetheless, a lot of people know ahead of time and that triggers a lot of things because there are no routine distribution lists
So some bigwig in the military makes the decision for whatever reason that we're going to have an exercise at Port Angeles and I'm going to allocate $X of my resources to do this exercise.
When they do that, they put it into a distribution list that goes to the executive officer and then it'll go to the heads of all the departments, including PR
So everybody knows about this stuff months in advance
The fact that they're copping out and saying their PR guy failed in the task - he's just the scapegoat and they were either doing something in a sudden rush that they had no way of knowing they'll be doing the night before, such as hunting for something in the water.
Or it was a planned exercise, and part of the exercise was to see how the population reacted.
I don't see too many other possibilities.

Interviewer: I think they have a fair idea how the population would react anyway

CH: I imagine so.
Especially with a bunch of old Swedes and Irish up here.

Interviewer: They've got good shrinks.
They know psychology...

CH: We see a lot of these sudden exercises where the military keeps saying, "Ooops! Sorry, my fault. " and they shrug it off and go on.
Part of our problem here is because we're talking about our sovereignty
It has to do with the poverty everybody who is not part of the elite is in on this planet
A lot of this poverty ties back into this whole conspiracy secret warfare.
It's really expensive to build those triangular things and to get pies and beers to the guys who drive them
You can't grow plants in space
For a while, NASA was offering $1m to anybody who could tell them why that was the case.
I actually know why that is the case and I think I probably know how to solve that, after some experimentation but I'm not going to tell them
I've been that route and the pain is what?
It isn't any protection
It's literally only an avenue which suit a contention
Someone takes your idea and you think in an untoward fashion
I don't think ideas come to us the way we think
Ideas float through the air and my particular DNA is like an antenna and so I get sucked into certain kinds of ideas
Your DNA is different from mine and you're going to pick up ideas I'd never think of
We're going to see each other's ideas as original to each being but what we're unaware of is that there is a bloke 15 miles away that has a close enough DNA to mine that he picks up my kind of ideas.
Maybe 6 out of 7 - that sort of thing
So can I really claim that the idea's really original?
No, I can't.
I'm simply the antenna; the conduit.

Interviewer: You're the antenna.
You're picking up the signal..

CH: Exactly and so the whole idea of patenting things is really an invitation to involve yourselves with attorneys etc.


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:40 pm

They have a thousand copy print run of my stuff at the Department of Defence.
They have 1000 copies and they distribute them
Am I paid for this? No.
It's all this conspiracy stuff
The breakaway civilisation is taking money in pies and beer from this planet and using it to get pies and beer up to all the guys who are flying all the spaceships
And the bullets they use and uniforms etc
It's very expensive.
They don't want us to know this - that we're all slaves to support this giant system - that they invented this arcane and incredibly complex system that we view as "normal banking world" or the "normal financial world" merely as a cloak to taking the extra calories that we all produce in order that the guys up in space can have beer and pies.
I say this because I was paid once by some people to do some mathematics.
It was easiest to do it by computer and I did that way in a prolog thing.
They wanted to know what level of calories it took to take a single calorie to a human in space, at the time we were doing this.
This was in the 80s.
So in like 1988/89, I did a calculation that went through everybody - Russian, US, everybody that had any kind of a space program - and looked at all the money involved
Capital expenditures aside.
Only operating costs, on a year-to-year basis.
For every calorie that went into space, it took 110,000 calories on the ground in order to get that single calorie up into space itself.
This was not including the actual BTU forms of calories in terms of the fuel
This was simply the calories of the shipments
So if we look at it that way, the people in space are truly eaters because they sit on the top of a very fat pyramid that supports their every calorie acquisition with 110,000 calories down here.
This is a very evil way to look at it - every time somebody in space eats, 20,000 or more humans down here do not
They don't get a meal because those calories are being burned up, used, taken away to get that person up in space a meal.
So if we got anywhere near the numbers of people that McKinnon thinks we have, .... then we're looking at a huge load on the backs of all of us slaves down here trying to be sovereign, that we're unaware of.
That our wealth is being depleted and actually taken off planet.
We're never going to see it again
It's used up in a form that can never be recovered to us, unlike other forms of the biosphere
We're rapidly approaching the point where our population of 7 billion is coming close to consuming 47% of the biosphere annually.
But the biosphere is unable to replace itself at that level.
The biosphere on the planet - what I call the food body that produces the green stuff that we all live off - is only producing or reproducing itself (or used to be) at the rate of about 30% a year.
About a third of the planet, plants consumed on the planet would grow again, including sealife etc
But now all the calculations have gone wonky because the sun's got involved etc and so there's a lot of stress in the system
That's why it's all showing up
That's why the cracks are appearing.
Because the environment in which we're being systematically bled by this vampire breakaway civilisation has got a lot harsher.
That's why the fascistas are coming on out because they are trying to support this incredible level of slavery that's hidden from all of us.
Yet we are all paying for it
All of the money that the banksters are supposedly getting is being funnelled into supporting this off planet civilisation that wants to break away from us
They are bound to us and they are bound in ways that they don't understand
They may actually understand it- I've got to give them some credit for understanding some energy things.
They may grasp some of it but at some level, there is a tether that they can't break.
It's really frustrating for them
.... if you did the calculations from Buckminster Fuller when he did them in 1935, 10 billion people living aggressively on this planet should only consume about 25% of the bio[sphere] every year; not the incredible levels we're approaching now
So we were good for 10 billion.
He also pointed out that if those 10 billion people were to each choose to live only partially like a Buddhist monk, in terms of their respect for the planet, we might easily be able to support all 10 billion people in a much smaller area than the whole planet and on much fewer calories than we were consuming because most of our calories at that time have been waste.
That's how we think of it today but I don't close that is to the truth
I think perhaps a lot of the supposed waste is in fact, theft
Theft - these people are thieving calories from us.
Maybe I would support them.
Maybe if I were told, "Hey! There are these really ugly nasty things out there that want to come down here and eat your gonads."
I would say, "OK dude, I'm willing to kick in a few calories for you to fight off these gonad-eating space aliens."
But nobody's telling me this so I am very resentful of this - that they're stealing calories from all of us around here and beggaring the population.
You guys are asking: How is it over here?
I've never seen things worse in terms of the economics
I personally know 7/8 individuals that have full-time employment
This is very atypical.
Everybody I know as a youngster (ie under 40) is scrambling for work.
There's nothing going on in here
Our unemployment, by what I see around here. is probably approaching 50/60%
If we look at underemployment, it might easily be 80/90% because almost everybody has a part-time job.
It's barely adequate to collect food stamps
So the whole system is breaking down at that level.
The reason I'm encouraged is it's going to take a big crash like that for us all to (a) admit it's a depression and ( b ) start rooting around for all the reasons as to why it's a depression and get into some of this truth stuff.
The minute we start to do that; it's like once you're awake, you can't really go back to sleep again.
So things will change
I'm seeing it in a lot of individuals.
I see it in myself.
I started becoming awake in the late 80s and 90s
Getting serious about it and did lots of investigations
About the same time as David Icke ran into his truth wall, I ran into my own versions of it
And still ran into the same kinds of mental problems
Now, I've noticed that I've moved on from the awakening to OK, what's next? Let's get on this.


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Re: Clif High

Post by soldierhugsmember » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:41 pm

Let's look at myself as merely one of a vast neural ... network of individuals who happen to have DNA tuned, that they got that early awakening wave.
We were old enough.
All you young guys weren't old enough.... you got it when you got to maturity
David Icke and a bunch of us guys got that early awakening wave
Well, the wave has changed
Look at what Icke's doing.
He's into solutions
All these people I know that were an early part of this thing are either killed off or dying from horrific cancers induced by the man, or they're working on solutions.
They've moved off; away from the battle
I've actually think that the war has been won even though we have yet to engage in a single battle of it.
I think that the same force that gave me the impetus to say, "Huh! What's going on here? That don't make no sense." back when, is also now saying, "OK, you got it. Now what's next? What are you going to do with this knowledge."
All of a sudden, I'm experimenting with Adreno(?) 'cos I've never done hardware......
...... We are going to start these things I'm calling podulles and modulles - that's spelt with a ULLE for University Level Learning Experience - that I'm just going to put out on the internet
They will be devices that allow people to educate themselves about our environment here in the NW.....
We're getting into this level of exploration of all the solutions that are around ....
....If we look at myself as a part of a wave; a bunch of thousands of corks that caught that wave.
I'm not claiming any specialness or any of that.
I'm sure David Icke is the same way - he was just there; the wave hit him and he got on it and we're all surfing
It's the wave that is important and the wave is changing.
It is taking us away from the idea that contention etc
If we look at ... the adoption of technology; we have initially the visionaries and then we have the early adopters and then we have the crossing of the chasm into the mainstream etc
.... By the time technology sweeps through the greater population eg cell phones
What about the guys who adopted the cell phones way early?
What are they into now?
What were they doing when the 4G cell phones were a big deal?
Well, these guys were into variable computers etc.
I think the wave's matured.
They pick us up like corks, bob us along and then they move us if we're lucky
If we're not lucky, we get stuck, bobbing up and down in that same pendulum action, repeating the same action over and over again.
Maybe Universe wants some people to forever concentrate on helping other awaken and that's their task
But my task is now to move on to material science and ... to other things than linguistics.....

Human brain is designed to deal with about 145 people.
It relates to the size of tribes
Once a tribe gets to be about 145/150, usually they'll split and it's part of the natural process....
I'm wondering about the long term effects of things like Facebook where we 'know' people beyond that 145 person level.
I don't participate in Facebook......
I've known so many people through my time as an army brat ...... my relationship with places is more important than individuals because they drift in and out of my life

The point is we are changing as a species; relative to the awakening wave, relative to the technology we're using that supports that wave, relative to the battle with the fascistas which I think is already won.
Maybe millions will die in this coming war with them
Nonetheless, they cannot and never have been able to continue.
I think we're going to actually see what was the driving cause of it all.
In other words, sometime in the near future, we'll hear about the breakaway civilisation and start going through some form of truth and reconciliation process whereby we reabsorb these humans
Because they need us but we also need them
We got to come to terms with each other and become, if not a happy family, at least a harmonious co-existent
In order for that to occur, we as the slaves, have to recognise we're slaves and say, "No more. I'm not going to have my calories support some effort that I don't have a voice in."
They don't like that idea

I was in Europe when the EU was barely the EC....
The European Community was a big deal when they tried to ram it down everybody's throat
It started off as the ETC - the European Trade Coalition/something
It was way small then
I saw the process of them starting to centralise and make big, big, big
But the wave is the other way
You see it all around you.
Everyone wants to decentralise, be more local .... and that's been going on for probably the last 35/40 years, against the pressure of this giant globalisation
Now we need globalisation.
But we need it at a chaotic person-to-person level; not the centralised central planning....
We've seen the effectiveness of central planning in examples such as the former USSR
Central planning don't work
We're seeing it in China now.
In three or four years we'll see China unravel; maybe not even that long.
It is the failure of central planning to be able to operate within the paradigm of the vast churn
If you look at things in a specific way ....... there's a thing called a neural network
As a software programmer, you write a tiny chunk of code....
That's your individual cell or neuron
Then you write another chunk of code and there's bazillions of those
Within individual neurons, there's a key that allows you to force them to interact.
Then you sit back and watch the process of the interaction of the neural net.
We're trying to replicate how neurons act in our brain.
..... At the moment we have bazillions of people, all of whom want to assert their sovereignty
This sovereignty wave is a subset or adjunct of the truth part of the wave and is related to it and forces you into the truth part if you're not there.
Or maybe you get into sovereignty through the truth part.
The 2 waves are interlinked
We have this activity where we have billions of individuals all acting as neural nets, scrambling and doing things and are now out of control
TPTB have a real problem because we're all out of control

Interviewer: They're only just learning that now.

CH: Yes.

Interviewer: They have no control.

CH: They always knew they really didn't
It's a sort of illusion but none of the minions were ever told that.
TPTB really know they really have no control
It's a matter of the illusion of the control like the confidence in the dollar is the one thing that allows the dollar to exist as currency
If you and I think that giant stones with holes chiselled in them in the country of Yap is money, then that's money
It's all an issue of the illusions that we all decide to buy into
We all bought into because of the way we were trained in this idea that they had power etc.
Along comes this wave from Universe that kicks all these people in the butt .... and you get David Icke up there saying, "I'm Jesus Christ and so are you..... You don't understand me but there's this truth wave happening."
Damned if he wasn't right.
David Icke is on the other side of things now.....
He's surfed that wave
He's riding into the next wave .....
His surfing is now into the solutions and his approach ... is this new TV station that he's started
This new broadcast vehicle for this truth wave .... against the propaganda in the upcoming war....
I visualise it this way because we are in contention with the anti part of the wave which is what fuels the fascistas
My part of this is not in the broadcast more and more of the same stuff.
I'm into the shifting over into the material - the transportation material science energies etc - where I'm finding new design patterns that are forming into my view.
I'm not saying that I'm inventing anything new.
I'm saying I'm merely opening up my eye and suddenly all these patterns appear.
That is a subset of the wave I'm riding at the moment
David Icke is also experiencing the same thing, as are a dozen others I can name that are all in the woo-woo business, that were out there spewing the early part of the truth movement,

I've always been interesting in boats and building....
Universe made me that way and it's focusing more and more of my attention that way
I'm tying it with the primacy of humans, their place, their residence, everything that gives them sovereignty in an individual level.

I've read this book; the best I've read in 30+ years.
I can't recommend this book highly enough - "Anti-Fragility" by Nicholas Taleb

1:28:00 (there's another half hour but here's where my notes end)

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Re: Clif High

Post by infinity » Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:36 am

Very interesting read, to say the least. Totally different angle on things.

Wish I had the time to look into all this. Its a lot to take in and I'm not one that likes to swallow in the first place.

One question I do have though, is that this guy talks high of David Icke, in the sense that Icke is into solutions. Because of the "cover pages" I see on his stuff, I kinda judged him by that, and thought he was into awareness creation - not into solution creation. I put this is a very diplomatic way :P Does anyone here find that he's more of a solutions guy? Is David Icke worth following?

On another note, I would say I'm mostly interested in discussions around statements like the one about sci-fi things being based "closely" on reality, like Stargate. With the secret space war and all that stuff. I dunno, sounds a lot like a sales pitch to conspiracy enthusiasts to buy into a whole "we're doing this for your own good, just trust us", but in a way that sounds like we get acknowledged for our skepticism. I do like the focus on getting transparency, though. But this begs another question.

How come they make a deal with the "devil" yet "fight" the "devil"? How does the whole thing about making deals with aliens that live off of negative vibrations (for goodies and treats for the elite) tie in with waging a secret space war? Sounds a bit contradictory and overly complex to me. Perhaps there's plenty of evidence for both. Perhaps there's bad guys that don't want to make deals and there's those that do. I've certainly had interesting personal experiences and wondered where the heck some of these things come from.

Generally, this guy looks like he has something to say on a broad range of topics. What we do with what he has to say is another question. And how do we keep the healthy balance between verifying facts and doing something about it? I've certainly had my share of analysis paralysis and its just as frustrating as finding out something you've accepted as true, was not.

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