Note from a Course in Miracles survivor

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Note from a Course in Miracles survivor

Post by PHIon » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:45 pm

In the early 80s, I began studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) because something inside felt drawn to it. I really got in to the love vs. fear mindset back then. Many other books came out at that time as well by authors like Hugh Prather, Gerald G. Jampolsky and Ram Dass (Richard Alpert from Harvard, who has already been outed by Miles Mathis).

Now I see the whole ACIM project as a psyop but back then it was very compelling to me. For one thing it appeared to be offering something more than what organized religion was offering, and structurally it was written entirely in iambic pentameter which fascinated me. Also, certain themes kept reappearing as a symphonic work is wont to do with its melodies. In other words, the structure didn't contain chapters where that chapter was the only place to find information on a particular subject. The themes kept being recalled throughout all three books.

There was also a local radio show here hosted by Jim Stewart, who used to host a children's puppet TV show here locally in Chicago called "Here's Geraldine" as well a travelogue program called "Passage to Adventure" among others. He later left TV and turned his attention toward teaching ACIM on a local time-brokered radio station, where each show producer pays the station for the block of airtime. He offered one-day classes on the books in his apartment and I went to one of these seminars with about 10 people or so attending in all.

These were the days before Marianne Williamson began selling the Course on Oprah. Williamson always rubbed me the wrong way and she never seemed to really believe what she was saying anyway. One of the goals of ACIM is to get you to abandon ego, which I tried to do unfortunately, but individuation acknowledges both our spatial and temporal halves instead of getting us to choose between them. Also, ACIM doesn't make a distinction between soul and spirit as I remember it, but these two are not the same as most here might probably agree.

I suppose the reason I wanted to write this post was because I realized that even though I was clearly duped, in the long run I am truly seeking to grow as an individual in rapport with my environment (didn't think of it quite that way back then) and that ultimately helped me move through and beyond that which was false, with a little wisdom picked up along the way hopefully. Somehow, I gladly found my way here (Wilcock had something to do with that for sure) to a reciprocal view of Nature (corpus), soul (anima) and spirit (ethical control unit), where thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting are all equally valid.

I would certainly like to read a Miles Mathis paper on the folks involved with the Foundation for Inner Peace, the publishers of the books, but it would probably be a slam dunk waste of time for him, especially since Penguin got involved later, yet a lot of people were caught up in this movement and might benefit from a truther-type knock on the head. There seem to be some numerological red flags in the dates cited on the official ACIM website as well. Maybe I'll shoot an email his way about it. I'll see.

In order for a psyop to work there needs to be some truth in it or else it would be too easy to dismiss it. For example, the books say "we seek in others what we feel is wanting in ourselves," which sounds like a rewording of the projection "formula" where we expect others to carry (act out) for us what we are suppressing in the unconscious. So you read that and think, well that sounds true, I guess I'll read on. Maybe the rest is true to. And on it goes.
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Re: Note from a Course in Miracles survivor

Post by daniel » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:31 pm

You can search the Internet for "A Course in Miracles mk-ultra" and find out more than you wanted to know. It was basically the precursor to the New Age movement to direct people away from the actual research being done into the paranormal during the 1950s.
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