New nation-wide Census Report

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New nation-wide Census Report

Post by AnAncientAwakening » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:36 pm

Just throwing this out there: I have recently received requests via snail mail demanding that I fill out a copy of the new American Community Survey Report/2015 National Content Test. This is the 1st time in nearly 40 years that I have received such a request. The form itself is fairly intrusive in scope, going way beyond the Constitution's request for a mere head count of the people in the home. The Census Bureau is stating that it is mandatory to fill out this form, lest I be fined $100 (or $5,000, depending upon whom you talk to).

Bottom line: I DO NOT CONSENT. So, any tips on how to respond to this ridiculous form? I have done some research into the topic concerning the history of the Census, and the Bureau itself claims that it is perfectly within the scope of the Constitution to ask such questions. Of course, we here know better - it's purpose is A. track and control and B. the continued redrawing of district lines to continue to manipulate the fake process of 'voting'.

I am being told that unless I fill in the form and return it, I will be visited by folks from the Bureau, who will conduct an interview outside my door. So, I am considering responding by writing a cover letter and sending it in along with a blank copy of the survey; but I need to be absolutely certain that I am stating this correctly, because bringing up issues concerning the lawful nature of such an intrusive form might only lead to them striking back by stating that the Census IS in fact a lawful form, and that I am bound by law to complete it. Of course, my roommate has little idea that most of any of this is going on, and would rather simply 'consent' to this gross violation of personal liberty. I could tell her to simply fill it in herself and send it in, but the form, being tricksy, states that there shall be a $5,000 fine imposed for the misrepresentation of information on the form, i.e. she is REQUIRED to include my name and personal info, regardless of whether or not I choose to have anything to do with the form.

So, any suggestions here? Anyone dealt with this nonsense in the past? If so, how did you respond?

Any advice would be helpful

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Re: New nation-wide Census Report

Post by tymeflyz » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:37 pm

Your right and prudent legal obligation of inquiry into their notice to you is exactly what ties them up & down.
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