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Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:23 pm
by Mark
I asked the Ruiner to elaborate a little more on the wave. I don't think he'll mind if I post his reply here:

The "wave" is definitely not a saviour. Will not save us. Is talking about a change in frequency of the planet (and sol system).

I mention in the blog that this "wave is for her" meaning the planet, not for us.

All those who are in the "inside" don't know what will happen exactly either. I have some ideas but it's more of a "we will see" scenario. Certainly not a "wait to be saved".

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:03 pm
by Lozion
Fine but again, I refuse to believe this wave or whichever is a precedent so someone/something somewhere knows what this natural evolutionary process is..
Dammit why cant we have the knowledge so we can use our tools to "ride" it..
I dont buy the "free will" non interference law, sorry.

daniel you seem to be close to the LM, why not ask what they think?

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:53 pm
by MrGreen
It was obvious he hadn't referenced the wave as some automatic savior event, by his own description and part of the reason I shared the blog in the first place. He had mentioned those who are actively practicing balance and in balance with the Earth itself would most likely see through applied tactics to drown it out. I'd say most people are so filled with dispersed toxins that come at us through multiple angles(food,air,water) and so personally detached from the rhythms of the Earth and a solar transition, it would likely go by unnoticed for most anyway. I believe this is what he means by them attempting to drown it out with noise, along with any false flags or mass conflicts initiated to perpetuate it further.

I've mostly done away with such terms as "star seeds" and "wanderers" as they've proven to be nothing more than people assigning titles to themselves to feel special. These are the certain areas where he begins to lose me in the blog, not to mention strange names granting seemingly obvious clues to his own deception. As a previous poster had mentioned, I believe part of his assignment may be to mislead a certain criteria of people who see beyond the proposed scenarios of Good guys vs. Bad guys. What's ironic is that people who are even well versed in globalists tactics in controlling oppositions for end outcomes, Including Wilcock and his ardent followers, seem to be the most enthusiastic for falling for the same game through misplaced hope as their senses escape them. How predictable.

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:31 pm
by Lozion
More misdirection for those who like it.. :roll:

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Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:43 am
by Aaron
Lozion wrote:More misdirection for those who like it.. :roll:
I agree. That post is a great example of complex entertainment. He is all over the place in that one, reminds me of the joke "who´s on 1st"...

You know its funny that he claims the Draco "planted" the history of the Annunaki. Ive heard that theory before. Talk about complexity;)

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:18 pm
by daniel
When I examined mythology as an historical account, what I found were common denominators all pointing to one set of extraterrestrial colonists that were solely responsible for the creation and condition of humanity--the "gods." The originals (the Greek Titans) were overthrown by the children of Uranus/Cronus/An, known as the Olympians. In Sumerian, ANNUNA simply means the "children of AN" and since KI meant Earth, ANNUNAKI means the children of An that stayed on Earth (about half of them).

Influence of the various Titan/Olympians differed in various parts of the worlds, leading to the development of independent systems of gods, where the dominant influence became the basis for that regional religion. If you notice, the old religions were geographically distributed--it is not a cultural, social or racial thing--that is what developed from the worship of the god of the region. And you have to remember the rivalry between gods... "thou shalt have no other god before Me."

The gods engineered multiple races with attributes specific to the environmental conditions and tasks they were engineered to do. What is recorded in Native American legends are that the "red people" were the farmers and ranchers (ENKI in America), to provide food for both the gods and the other slaves. The blacks were the miners under ENKI in Africa, the yellow the healers under NINHURSAG and the white men, the "enforcers" (managers and military) under ENLIL. That is the top of the chain; the gods delegated tasks to their kids and servants, so you get the minor gods and "sons of gods", etc. from that.

When I look at things like the Ruiner Blog, I have this perspective in mind. If you have noticed, everything today is fracturing--take a concept, put it on a sheet of glass and smash it with a sledgehammer. Then use the pieces to explain just how complicated everything is. This goes from particle accelerators trying to analyze the structure of an apple from applesauce, to economic, political, social, psychological, mechanical and virtual constructs. But the people are "entertained," and as the Romans knew, when the people are distracted, those in charge can do anything they want. So just make EVERYTHING a distraction through overcomplexification.

Governments are only going to "leak" propaganda (nothing of any significance) to control the direction information flows. And it is becoming exceedingly simple, now that everyone is putting their opinions and reactions on social media, for almost light-speed feedback to the AI systems processing the results, so they can tune-up their "leaks."

Our history is NOT complicated, just different from what you've been taught. But you will find little evidence of it past 1950. ALL the media personalities are now handing out what they want you to hear, effectively "hiding history in the past."

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:28 pm
by Lozion
Interesting post from the Ruiner about Saturn being the nexus for implementing the "inorganic hologram" the TBTB work hard at: ... g-son.html

I wonder who this Son he refers to is..

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:25 pm
by Lozion
Throwing the discussion back to the Wave. Here is an interesting post from Cobra who I quoted before. I'm sharing this one as it relates to the Ruiner's post On the Wave and admittedly somewhat resonates with my Gnostic leanings. Note the reference to Yaldabaoth being an octopus like entity, much like what Lonebear described on AQ..

The Savior angle does not interest me but how does a pulse of energy emanating from the Galactic center fit within the RS theory?

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:49 am
by Ilkka
Lozion wrote:how does a pulse of energy emanating from the Galactic center fit within the RS theory?
I think it doesn't. If it is true that there are no Galaxies that is. If something does not exist then the other doesn't either that should be from there.

However, if there is some wave emanating from "galactic center" then it must be from a star in a nearby solar system, very closest one that is. Neihgboring star saying "hello" to our star, talking to each other perhaps. Maybe should point that probing apparatus to our sun and see what happens. Bigger waves I imagine because its that close to us. I think of course of nature and water ripples, they dissipate over distance, I think that radio waves does the same, depending on the matter on the way it has to penetrate too.

Re: The Ruiner Blog

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:41 am
by joeyv23
Ilkka wrote:I think it doesn't. If it is true that there are no Galaxies that is. If something does not exist then the other doesn't either that should be from there.
bperet wrote:The Largest Discovered Structure in the Universe Contradicts Big-Bang Theory Cosmology (Weekend Feature)


Now THAT's a GALAXY! As I mentioned, it would have to be super-large and be composed of FTL structures in order to cross the outward motion of the progression. A galaxy of Quasars fits that description. Though they have the size wrong--it is probably only the size of the Milky Way, by my estimate.
Supposing that the information being given in this blog is accurate and that there is a wave emanating from the Sun (our galactic center), and is possibly a reference to the shift in class that Sol has/is gone/going through, to move us over from the influence of an 'inorganic hologram' to an 'organic hologram' then I would interpret this as being information flowing from Logos to sub-logos and on and on.

I never did get around to looking into the blog in great detail other than to check the link given a few posts above this one, and I'm going with my intuition. First of all, I have to ask.. "What's in a name?" The Ruiner blog doesn't strike me as something that would be designed to aid in the growth/expansion of consciousness. The background picture is blue binary made to mimic the imagery given in the Matrix franchise. Blue Beam. If I'm echoing sentiments already been given in this thread, my apologies. I have yet to bring myself to delve into it in depth.
The Ruiner wrote:Let there be no doubt, your writer chooses Her. There is a counter point to everything to provide the ability to create balance.
I correlate this 'Her' to be something similar to what is written by Wes Penre, in that the universe is inherently female, exemplified in material form in the Matriarchal society from Orion which could bear some relevance to the Ruiner's discussion of Dracos. I see this choice of the writer as polarization towards Matriarchal principles as on opposition to polarization to Patriarchal principles so that perhaps a balance can be created on a grander whole, but this seems to me to be something like... going into debt with someone to try to get out of debt with someone else.

Edit to add: I just went back and see that "Her" is a reference to the planet, so disregard that^^ ... maybe.