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Time Travel by using a paradox ...

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:00 am
by Evansville64
...And mirrors .
"Given a vast ascent of imagery from our peripherals, this here is a method to overcome the human tendency to interlace a series of angles, all of insignificant difference. A previous stepping stone to this tech, was Otis Carr's use of a "Tesla Utron" or Tesla turbine. The typical array of light given off a mirror, is an exact depiction of the area in front of it. In this case, K Deming has positioned a second mirror in perfect alignment to the front, as if parallel when viewed from the top. When an observer steps between the mirrors there is a paradox that occurs mentally, allowing "the blanks to be filled in" to a tremendous cascade of imagery, only brought to sense and understanding by ones eyes. The mirrors then replace each others imagery at the speed of light, bringing the anticipated "gate travel" to the eyes and mind of the observer. At this stage, everything is now at the control of the observer as a shimmering value of whatever place or time era is thought of. Within a single phase of the "problem solving" mindset, the observer may project his/her thoughts onto the gate, as if they were real . This includes all of time, as if it were stored on a videotape . This is a logical implementation of a paradox for use in time traveling, and remote viewing ."
Posting for Kyle as he has since disappeared...