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Post by MrGreen » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:43 pm

infinity wrote:What I have found with myself is that my emotions would try to pull me into a place of comfort - despite my awareness of a bigger picture of a reality that is VERY discomforting. And for myself, I found that its the desire to be safe, and the only way to feel safe is to make the choice to believe in a worldview where I don't have to worry about all these things going on in the world. The choice to deceive myself in order to feel more comfortable. And how tempting that is...)

Interesting take on it infinity.

However, I wouldn't necessarily say it's emotions involved seeking comfort in a place of denial. It might actually be the complete opposite. I'm very aware there exists a big picture, and certain constants that provide a somewhat accurate total depiction, but at a certain point it get's very convoluted and extremely difficult to discern fact from fiction. At this time there's about 3 or 4 different lines of thought I've taken upon to describe these areas, however they often stand contradictory to the other. It's sort of like I'm hovering right over the truth about many things but could also be missing it by a long shot. It can be frustrating and sometimes I wish there was something more solid to go upon. I think maybe I should stop jumping around from material to material and just sort of enjoy myself in the pursuit of truth. Daniel's correct in saying there's no one source that can provide all the correct information, so it's best just to combine and create a synergy of what explanations most make sense and continue learning to replace it without attachment to the progression. Personal exchanges are always nice but it sure would be great if there more people interested in this kind of stuff on a local level... sometimes with normal conversation now-a-days people will just say I'm "far out" and my family already thinks I'm crazy. I guess that's where ideas such as the Monastery comes into play, but obviously proving difficult to come into fruition from what I've gathered.

And so it goes I guess..

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