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Sound /Music In 4D

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:17 am
by Evansville64
It may or may not happen in our lifetime ,
But the 4th Density shift in a 100-fold increase in the frequency of matter & reality.
The speed in which atoms, (each, a black hole/singularty) oscillate.
When you increase the frequency of a sound or osclillator producing a sound, normally , you hear a rise in pitch.
I think this will be interesting, as I tend not to think of 4D as chipmunk-sounding and audibly shrill.
I predict that there will be a certain multiplication of harmonic content , maybe 100-fold. ;)
From experience, blowing a (Diatonic C major 6th D#, G, A-440, C, Concert D#) chord on a cheap plastic recorder flute(S) is nowhere near as pleasant and "tinny" sounding as heard from an Airchime Locomotive horn.
Very expensive and sought after, the horns employ two stainless steel sound plates per note, resulting in a "chorus effect".
The 2 discs alone are very high in natural harmonics.
IT is more pleasant because there is harmonic content spanning over twelve octaves, rather than about 3 on the flute. We all know that D# to concert D# is only one octave on both instruments, so the increase in pleasure must be linked to the greater harmonic content.
If and when we transition to 4 D , I believe we will be treated to a 100-fold increase in the range of human hearing, and also, a 100 fold increase in harmonic content produced by objects/instruments. I cant iven imagine a well designed song in 4D :lol: .
Anyone care to "chime" in ? :mrgreen: