Musicians with a positive message.

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Re: Musicians with a positive message.

Post by Lozion » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:29 pm

T11 wrote:Are any of you familiar with the site It deals with fringe science, gnosticism, aliens, the matrix, etc. Tom, the guy who runs it is also a musician. He has a solo project called Neptunian Horizon and he put out an amazing album called Descent that you can download for free at Words cannot describe what an awesome creative achievement this is. It's provided so much inspiration and hope for me through very difficult times. It's a Gnostic/Galactic metal concept album with an extremely uplifting and hopeful message. Be aware that listening to the lyrics and melodies may create synchronicities and cause spontaneous awakening! You can hear samples on his YouTube channel in addition to some great interviews about his research at If you like the free album, think about making a donation to help him finish his next masterpiece and support his cause.
Wow thats good metal. Reminds me of a space metal band from the mid '90's called Fourth Dimension...
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