I would like to post the following questions vis 4th density

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I would like to post the following questions vis 4th density

Post by nick58 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:20 pm

This is a very difficult subject to write about as it deals with metaphysical concepts that are in reality way outside our normal field of conceptuality. however they are very appropriate to discuss at this time as we approach what many believe will be the ascension to a higher density, very soon. so I will try to ask the questions and hope an answer of sorts may be given.
I will start by citing the proposition often heard these days, if we listen to Tolec and Kimmel especially. this is in regard ot the evolution of the planet and solar system to a fourth level density and then to a final fifth level in a further few years time.
now, what is remarkable here is we will be fourth density beings inhabiting a crystalline body, and will not need to leave the body at its physical death anymore. thus we have the basic thesis.

now my questions begin. first we are implicitly at least, fourth density beings inhabiting physical body and thus we enter the 4th density realm when the physical body dies. this is complex for in some way there is already an intermingling of the dimension with the existent 3rd density world or else there would be no means of interaction with it from the spirit realm.. can this be clarified?

next and citing the many NDE experiences, most people enter a realm of spirit that has more to do with the nature of consciousness than actual physicality. though it takes on a physical component.
it is also suggested many go to a way station in the upper astral before departing for the higher spirit realm proper.

so, I would like to know , maybe Daniel has some ideas here, the relation between the earths spirit realm where the majority of souls go after physical death, and the future 4th D world and later 5th D world this planet will soon be.

now, is it safe to assume the dreadful ( to me at least ) process of reincarnatary cycles will have ended soon. therefore, will the residents of the realm that is our spirit realm, have the ability to reside there indefinitely and not have to reincarnate upon a 3d world anymore? can this be clarified?

I assume our spirit realm outside of this earth is a waystation where ones spiritual progress can be determined, am I right? can you throw any light on the exact mechanisms of reincarnation, why the cycle has gone on so long and what the exact mechanism is? If one is in a 4d state in the spirit realm and it is comparable in consciousness to the earth as it will be soon, then can we only talk in terms of actual translocation, as opposed to reincarnation in terms of travel between one world and the other.. am I right on this?

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Re: I would like to post the following questions vis 4th den

Post by admin » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:09 am


I think these are very interesting questions indeed also from my own perspective. I am also interested in hearing daniel's or others takes on this...?

thanks for the great post.

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Re: I would like to post the following questions vis 4th den

Post by Secret Agent Man » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:22 am

David Wilcock holds the channeled Ra material in high regard (see the Law of One books 1 through 5, free to download from his website). I seem to remember Ra saying that in 4th density we would no longer 'forget' as we do with the veil in 3rd density and that the wheel of reincarnation can be exited so long as you have properly balanced all of your karma (truly forgive all those you have an energy escrow with). Despite their lengthy discussions on the topic with Ra there is still some room for interpretation, so we'll have to find out for our selves when the time comes. This is one source you may want to look to if you have not already. Thanks.

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