TEXT: The truth

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TEXT: The truth

Post by soldierhugsmember » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:33 am

The title of this work is simply "TEXT". For years there have been basically two sets of books kept on the Planet Earth. The set for the elite were called "text books" and they contained the Truth. The set of books for ordinary people were known [to the elite] as X-Text which means bad text or text filled with dis-information and propaganda with just a tiny bit of real truth to give them some sense of credibility. This book is in the for real "TEXT" format and it is not just for the elite - it is for everyone - for all the humans living on the Earth everywhere without regard to Caste or race or sex or anything else. .....
The full book is available at http://3108.info/text/text.htm
or by chapters at http://3108.info/text/textsel.htm

Daniel, I found this book fascinating. If you have the time, could you please give it a quick look through and tell me if what it says is true.

Some snippets:
In the beginning, the Earth World and the other planets of the Physical Universe were created. There were no physical life forms. Beings (souls) who wanted to explore the "new worlds" of the Physical Universe would simply go to the gate at vector reference 3.301 on the Causal Plane and use magic to create a body to use while visiting these new planets. They knew, of course. that they were mainly a naked soul and they knew that the body they had just "whipped up" was an illusion and they knew how to throw it off as one would an old set of clothes.

In fact, they knew too darn much. These beings were truly masters of the universe and their exploits are discussed in Greek and Roman Mythology.

Kal Niranjan, the administrator of the lower creation, had a real problem here because these original-beings would not stay put on any one planet and they knew all about how the creation was assembled and how to get around in it.

Therefore, Kal designed a way to create a body by a separate process so that a soul - once put into it - would not know how to get out of his or her body and so would be trapped there and stay in one place (planet).

Therefore, two bodies were made - the male and the female forms - and they were put in a nice little garden on Earth. A special desire to mate was programmed into them so that they simply "could not live without it". The pair originally knew where they came from and they also knew GOD. But, that did not last long. They de-compensated [had a "Spiritual fall"], got all nervous about being different [men and women] and made clothes to hide themselves and lost the ability to contact GOD. Overcome with desire, they mated and children soon filled the Earth. The kids did not know how they got in the body they had. They began to think that they were "a body" and not a soul. And so it all began.

Kal does not volunteer information about souls in bodies or about GOD. If he did the souls here would leave and return to GOD, so he would not have anything to do.

If it was not for the Spiritual Adepts sent here by GOD, no souls would ever make it back to HIM.

So, eventually, when a soul has completed its 84 million lives in the Physical Universe, it comes to the Master. The Master accepts the soul and gives it the Spiritual Instructions and the soul then leaves the lower creation and returns home to GOD. It takes with it the complete memory of all its lives in the lower creation. This memory is different for every soul, and so the mature soul has been "individualized" by the process of life. This is meaning and the purpose of LIFE.

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Re: TEXT: The truth

Post by tribs4u2 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:37 pm

Thank you Soldier Hugs! Fascinating reading so far - not seen Video or more yet! Where did this come from? I'm at that stage of thinking.

Speak to you later!

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