Veterans Today quote Dewey B. Larson...

Let's find out about who and what's out there, and how they do what they do.

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Re: Veterans Today quote Dewey B. Larson...

Post by infinity » Tue Feb 25, 2014 7:03 pm

There was something about your post that didn't resonate with me and I think I figured out a way to define and describe it. It was about this part:

djchrismac wrote:
There are common injunctions tied to human contact with the fairies
(Ballard, 1991). First, do not look at fairies when they are dancing or
playing music, since those two art forms are enchanting. Second, do not
seek out fairies nor interfere with them. These all too human acts risk the
fairies wrath. Third, do not enquire into their nature or their elemental and
fundamental significance. Fourth, do not try to trick fairies, since this act
results in 'the fairy curse,' a bewitchment that leaves the cursed 'out of form.’
OK lesson learned, i'm no longer going to seek out some LM's for campfire tales!!

I neither feel right about Ballard's warning nor about bruce's confirmation on it.

I understand the need for caution, sure. Who wouldn't?

But I'm trying to comprehend why it is bad to seek out such folk and why it is bad to enquire about their nature etc. From what I've gathered so far, they seem to be just as playful and curious as a human can be. These words seem to steer all inquiry and curiosity away, as if fairies or similar folk are absolutely dangerous and will bring about harm to you for any reason whatsoever (an exaggeration, but if I conjecture further what Ballard is saying).

Wouldn't it be better to gain a better awareness of one's unconscious, and to become highly mindful of one's total being, yet still be open to the idea of exploring and learning more about our long-distant family sharing a home with us? The awareness, you could call a "tough skin" perhaps, against their methods of enchantment. Yet without yielding one's natural curiosity and desire to connect with them.

With regards to the stuff about enquiring/seeking after them and wanting to gain more understanding of their nature - are these perhaps warnings based on the fairies' bad experiences with human past, where such humans would try to use knowledge of the fairies to gain some kind of ill-willed power over them? Would they perhaps interpret enquiry as the first steps of a well-repeated and patterned aggressive behaviour from humans?

Interestingly enough, a former relationship I'm learning to move on from - has shown me a lot about myself and shown me a lot about the nature of someone else that has experienced pain to the degree that it changed them. The pain of the person would cause them to unconsciously want to gain some kind of control over you in order to feel more secure themselves - especially against the possibility of experiencing pain again. You follow? Now, imagine such a person gets a piece of information about you. A piece of information that might prove useful to, in some way, manipulate you according to your values. It is a very painful experience, because you feel like your values are being used against you, as if they are perverted for the agenda of the other person. Confusion can set it, where you are not sure if the value you hold is the problem, the person is the problem, or if there's something else that's going on here - perhaps a misunderstanding. But if the pattern is repeated enough times, you realize the problem is not your values. The problem is not communication either. The problem is what the other person wants - even without them realizing it - due to their changed nature due to their past pain. Even though the other person may be understood - where they come from, in terms of wanting to protect themselves against pain by exerting control over you through subtle forms of manipulation - despite this, what they do is very painful and it is an offense to your identity, your character. And I mean this in the sense of, that they try to change you to be what they want you to be, with a total disregard for who you are as a person. But its done in such a way that you believe that the person cares about you and about your values.

Now, let's come back to the fairies. If I were in their shoes, and based on Ballard's warnings, I would say I think I can relate a bit on why they might view the seeking after them or understanding after them, as forms of trying to find power over them. Its a theory, but I think I can comprehend the motivation sufficiently to relate to the reason behind it.

If we can, with this understanding, CHANGE that. Why not? What if, in some way, we could provide tokens of our respect for them and of our pure motivations towards them (as a conscious people, which might not yet represent the majority of people on earth, but nonetheless we could act as ambassadors for the children of the future), and what if a good way to do that, is to show them things about us that make us MORE vulnerable to them. As a means of showing that we would give it as an entrusting gift to them, as a token of our honor for them and that we understand their cautiousness toward our kind - but that we would like things to be different in the future.

What if such a thing was possible...

How would we go about it? What could we possibly do to advance in that direction?

I get the feeling that the final answer would lie in the transformation of the human race as the only route. Does it really come down to that though? That leads us down the road of self-transformation firstly as individuals. Could it be that simple? Could that be the extent that we can go to? Or is there more?

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Re: Veterans Today quote Dewey B. Larson...

Post by Ilkka » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:03 am

Regarding to meet LMs.
I have had discussions with Bruce and Daniel in previous posts in this site and in Antiquatis forum and I've learned that LMs are telepathic so they read minds and you need to have clear mind about them and not feel anger etc. when encountering one if at all. I think one needs to get ready for such a meeting, since we might think we are ready now, but in actuality we are not. One needs to invite them to meet you not to go after searching them, untill they can trust you. This is my understanding of the matter here.

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Re: Veterans Today quote Dewey B. Larson...

Post by daniel » Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:03 pm

Ilkka wrote:I think one needs to get ready for such a meeting, since we might think we are ready now, but in actuality we are not. One needs to invite them to meet you not to go after searching them, untill they can trust you. This is my understanding of the matter here.
You are correct. If you go after the LMs, like trying to find the entrance into their world, they WILL consider it an act of aggression and defend themselves and their world. Humans have a TERRIBLE reputation with the other intelligent species of this world.

Now there do arise situations where you are invited, and in those situations they are somewhat forgiving of human character, so what Ballard says does not apply. It is the difference between inviting a friend over to chat and a burglar breaking into your house. In both situations, you have a "visitor"--but under very different circumstances.

And the legends of what they can do to people are true. Bruce's scientific analysis of them places their biology on the material-cosmic sector border, which means they can move between visible, spatial form and invisible, temporal energy. That also infers that they have a great deal of control over 3D time structure--they can manipulate those structures to create what we'd call synchronicity--for good, or for bad. If a leprechaun tells you, sláinte is táinte, then you're going to be having a really good time, because that synchronicity will show up as good luck. Luck is not just a pie-in-the-sky fable, it is the consequence of things you--your anima (soul half of life)--encounters in 3D time.

Conversely, if you go chasing them or violate their privacy, the last thing you may here is marbhfháisc ort... then you'd better find a shaman, quick, because you've been cursed--bad luck--like getting pushed down a cliff, but in 3D time instead of space. Your soul will take quite a beating, which leads to massive depression, anger, hate, isolation... they won't take your life, but after a while, you probably will.

Now there are random encounters between LMs and humans, all the time. When they happen, show some respect; if you disturb a bush and see a little whirlwind shoot off across the grass, apologize. I know it sounds strange, but you may also find some positive results, as word will get around that you might be "ok."

All I ask is that you understand the potential consequences of your actions, before walking down a particular path. In this situation, it is NOT easier to "ask forgiveness, rather than permission." There are consequences.
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Re: Veterans Today quote Dewey B. Larson...

Post by infinity » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:21 am

Thanks for all the time and effort to give feedback and input.

I really appreciate it and I will make sure I take every opportunity I can to be respectful (as opportunities may arise) and not to "go looking" after them.

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