Question on Dimensions & Ascension

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Re: An Alchemical Picture

Post by T11 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:34 am

Camdoc wrote: This reminds me of experiences which I had in the past with Salvia Divinorum, or Diviner's Sage. This is an herb of the mint family, used by shamans in Oaxaca, Mexico. They use it by chewing the leaves, and it is absorbed thru the cheek into the blood. Westerners, however, have taken this mild herb and concentrated it 10x or 40x, then get it into their bloodstream quickly by smoking it. In my experience, you can inhale this "snuff" about one time before you are off on a rocket ride to another dimension. And this dimension has a definite rotary nature. I don't know where one goes, but it sure feels real, and there often is fear that you will not find the way back to this world, but of course you come back within 15 minutes without difficulty.

Question: I wonder if this is an experience of 3D temporal reality?

Thoughts, anyone?
Camdoc: Since reading Daniel's papers, I've come to believe this is exactly what I experienced during a Salvia trip of my own. It was a terrifying experience to say the least, but at the same time, I'm very grateful for having been privileged to get a glimpse of "the other side." I even got to telepathically converse with an extra-dimensional being who attempted to educate me on the concept of timelines. I can't remember much of what I was told due to the subsequent amnesia effect (passing back through The Veil to 3D was extremely uncomfortable) but much of what Daniel has discussed rings a bell in my foggy memory. Everything seeming "inside out" hits the nail on the head. It's a very difficult thing to describe and was quite disturbing to witness.

While I value my Salvia trip as a monumentally life-changing event, I would not recommend the experience to anyone. Daniel's descriptions of Montauk members "getting stuck" and "freezing" gives me chills because I believe I ran into a bit of that myself during the experience. This drug is not for the faint of heart and individual experiences can vary drastically, so if my description makes anyone interested in trying it, please do plenty of research beforehand so you know what you're in for!

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Re: Question on Dimensions & Ascension

Post by infinity » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:03 pm

Its understandable that the exploration of ideas on what to 'expect' or how to 'prepare' for things in the future is on the forefront of our minds, but I want to make a few points to balance this exploration with a pinch of purpose.

My aim here, is to assist you and others in reaching your intended goal with the question in your original post. To do this, some perspective is begged;

The flipside of apparent curiosity and wondering is the desire to have some form of control over things so that we can feel safer when change happens. Recognize that subconscious desire for control, which is based on fear and survival instinct. Remember, too, that our emotions and our beliefs will imbue any incoming experience with the qualities of those emotions or beliefs - changing it, limiting it, presenting a resulting experience to us that is distorted because of how our pre-conceptions might have 'contaminated' it.

With skeptical thinking, I can then take your question of "what will it be like?" and interpret it (the strong bias is only to emphasize a constructive perspective, not to accuse) as asking "how can i exercise some form of control so I can feel less scared of how or what might happen - since its so unknown". That control might be a form of belief or model of thinking that you want to apply like a tool to "process" and "take in" the possibly drastic changes. But it is also potentially a blockage, a resistance, to the experience. And any form of resistance in electricity generates heat, and mechanical things break down when they get too hot. One does not want any form of subconscious or conscious resistance to high levels of energy or drastic changes - it cannot be helpful, it will only make things 'hotter' for you.

If you feel that there is even 1% of this perspective that might be helpful, then it might be beneficial to try and create many different versions of imaginary experiences in anticipation. Many flavors. Like a little kid with an imagination. Stretch those mental muscles, and have fun doing it. Try thinking how it will be if its super intense, or if its super boring, or really overwhelming, or maybe really freaky and weird. Just have fun and flow with that imagination.

By the time changes do happen, you won't feel like "omg i have no idea what its gonna be like!" as a milder form of "unknown is scary :(" but you would be more inclined to feel exhilirated, excited, and like a kid having a new adventure and going with the flow. It could be much much more fun if we can let the weight of our natural desire to control things around us - which in my opinion is a varying degree'd perversion of our desire to influence things around us, or to create, to be creative, to be original, to express ourselves, and to experience new things.

Replace and renew any possible subconscious desire for preconception or preparedness, with the anticipation of opportunity to experience and co-create that experience - have full confidence in yourself that no matter what comes, or in what form, that it is only flavors, colors, concepts of what is really going on. Like in Harry Potter when they eat those surprise flavor candy and the one tastes like earwax, but the other might taste like strawberry. Just go with it, its part of the fun.

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Re: Question on Dimensions & Ascension

Post by fishing4aliving » Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:17 pm

How to follow that last post with anything besides expansion... advise from a friend who would know... there is alway room for expansion. Apply the same method to something 'smaller' to give it a test drive here and now. It works.

For example. My feet got sore from exploring a new city, and my friend decided to demonstrate how quickly he could manifest a cab to take us to the hotel (hadn't seen one all day). I didn't really desire a cab ride home, but, fine. Give it a go, show me. Sure enough, cab appears (full though). So he tries again, asking for an empty cab. Less than a minute later, one appears. Empty of passengers, but also empty of some other traits that might be somewhat desirable, such as a reasonably direct route to the hotel, a reasonable fee for the ride, etc.. The degree of specificity necessary to manifest the reality he 'desired' is of a magnitude that anything besides exhaustive and limiting perfection will transform the object/experience to one that illustrates the influence of the need for control, or whatever other energy is disruptive. Perhaps with some imagination, and a little less specificity, we could have caught a ride with the co-ed Swedish Bikini team, on their world tour?

So try to imagine a dozen ways a ride home might appear. A dozen places the ride may go instead of home. A dozen beings who may assist by giving you the ride. This simple exercise alone produces nearly two thousand possibilities. Allow the universe the latitude to produce that which truly aligns with the state you are by not limiting the form it appears, while choosing instead, maybe the state it supports. Perhaps after exploring many ordinary and extraordinary possibilities, create the one(s) that supports your desire to choose an effortless ascension guide what appears? In other words, create from a state of being that is limitless, yet retain the ability to choose those that align rather than being stuck with what appears, and 'story' dictates you do. Then observe. If what appears creates an emotion(energy) that brings you to judge the experience as not extraordinary enough, know you are limiting it by judging, and watch what occurs with that realization. You never know "who/what" could be driving the cab.

To Infinity and Beyond... ;)

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