Calling all Internal Alchemists

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Calling all Internal Alchemists

Post by samofsaintjohn » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:14 am

Hey everybody. I've been using the Law of Attraction for the past two or three weeks to find a forum with "the right type" of social networking. I'm looking for people who know what I'm talking about in the script below:

I'm was born in the early nineties and have native american/Nordic descent. I only mention this because these backgrounds have been shown to commonly display psychic attributes when the hair is grown out.
My family is white but of Eastern Esoteric philosophy. At the height of my atheistic belief, I remember criticizing their whimsical notion of reality. Years later I inevitably began to seek the nature of our reality; after realizing that esoteria is truth in code I in turn reveled in the fact that my family was indeed right to place their faith in the 'tantric deities'.
I was 17 when I started to firsthand experience the inner dimensions of etheric and astral bodies. I was laying in bed thinking of my inner weaknesses frustradedly when I had the instinctual urge to breathe in a very different way than I normally do. When I did that, I felt energy in my spine move distinctly upwards. Inextricable to this upward rising was a change in my emotional vibration. As the energy ascended, I experienced voids and barriers: before the heart, throat and in the head. In these places the energy would become blind to the path before it. The ball would stop rising. But if I let go of the emotion, then waited for one of equal positivity but varied quality two or three times in a row I would stumble upon the right emotion for the ball to keep ascending.
(since then I have come much closer to perfecting the technique. the way I was doing it before was incomplete, I did not account for the need to travel in reverse order down the spine afterwards in order to prevent left-over kunda-energy from being misused.)

Since that experience I have spent the last 9 months in considerable solitude,
thinking and meditating.
I have found various valuable techniques. I have these break-through thoughts generally around the same period of time that I have clairvoyant contact with gods and angels that I invoke using an altered form of Transcendental Meditation.

I posted this in this board because this thread has a high potential of turning out similar people. And also, my experiences are true spiritual experiences of higher dimensions. If anyone would like to know what higher dimensions are like, I would be happy to tell you how to begin to appreciate your own capability to observe them. They are beautiful.

I would like nothing more than to connect with a similar-intended community. I'm asking those who can relate to step forward; my intent is an open communication between similar people. Sadhana! (the concept of a spiritual guild/fraternity)

In case anyone is curious about learning,
I have some very rare intellectual resources I am willing to share with the community:

I am capable of minor siddhis,
I have active use of my subtle body
Including and especially muladhara, third eye, throat and heart.
I have direct hand experience with internal alchemy.
I understand shiva, (pure nothingness), vishnu (the divine need for cosmic order), and shakti (the various levels of creation that shiva binds himself to). I am a prodigy of all three paths and can tell any seekers more about any level.
I have experiences of being in three distinctly different esoteric cults; each with different 'enlightened masters'. What I learned about the human condition from these experiences is universal, and I can share my insights.
I am very familiar with both the good and the ugly of human psychology.
(as they are both experienced during a hurried journey down the path)
I have years of experience with the law of attraction, and I have also modified meditation techniques to amplify the law of attraction.
I have also studied sociology, economics and theology.
plus alchemy, kaballah, astrology, raja yoga and medicine.
Also I know a little about Aquaponic gardening and super-food farming.

I am willing to take the time to personally tutor anyone desiring command of any discipline of which I am capable.
I can also point you in the right direction for learning a time-efficient method for awakening to the fourth state of consciousness.


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Re: Calling all Internal Alchemists

Post by samofsaintjohn » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:20 am

Forgot about Meta-Learning, another huge passion of mine.
I am developing a discipline called "Meta-Discipline".
It is basically a program designed to thwart the apathy currently inherent in civilized humanity..
I would love help organizing a curriculum and theory of discipline, including the concepts of:

Discipline Quotient
Reward-Mechanism based methods for overcoming Laziness
with frequent Habit-Incorporation phases
lasting for as little-as-possible.

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Re: Calling all Internal Alchemists

Post by infinity » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:52 am

hi sam,

I think a lot of people on these forums would be interested in some of the things you've mentioned, but the context in which the interest would be, might be more research/information-based and less spirituality-based, despite the intimate relationship between those two things (since most people think in 'duality' terms and not 'oneness' terms).

May I pose a discussion challenge to stimulate insightful conversation? Admittedly, it might be a bit outside your fields of expertise but thats exactly why your feedback might be so valuable. I need informed and thought-through feedback. The purpose of my question will be at the end of my post.

If such a challenge is welcome, my question is: How would you relate a judeo-christian approach to the principles you have learned in eastern spiritual approaches?

I have found it extremely difficult to find sources of information that can help bridge the gaps in terminology and understanding between the two. Gnostic christianity is a lot easier to accomplish this goal, but the judeo-christian approach less so.

Background to the Question
Let me give an example of the challenges inherent in building a "user-friendly" bridge between judeo-christianity and eastern spirituality to help give a reference point. One of the important cornerstones to the judeo-christian perspective, is one of standardized doctrine. "Doctrine" is nothing but a formal-sounding word for the principle of a "measuring-stick" to help masses of people have easier access to understanding what is accurate and what is inaccurate.

The USEFULNESS of doctrine is that it helps correct misunderstandings about spiritual principles. For example, the reality of the sowing and reaping principle is not an excuse to justify violence in vengeance. Unconditional love and wisdom is the anti-dote. The CHALLENGE of doctrine is that it is 'abused' to slow or even stop the exploration of different perspectives of the same doctrines in order to gain new understanding. For instance, there are a few verses in the bible (an important tool in doctrine) that supports the perspective of a single lifetime with a final judgement and eternal consequence. However, there are also verses in the bible that supports the perspective of reincarnation, that does include judgement (but isn't a dead-end), with recurring consequence (but escapable). One source I use to bridge understanding on this doctrine is on the topic of reincarnation (a whole page dedicated to it).

Why this is important
Now that you have a reference point and some context, perhaps you might be able to assist me in building such a bridge of understanding. I hope to one day have enough put together to write a book to help sincere christians make sense of things. Unfortunately, almost all current existing books that have this purpose cannot accomplish the bridging goal successfully because christians are not met where they are at then guided forward. Instead, their values and virtues are undermined, their understanding of doctrine usurped and hijacked, and they end up being hurt, confused, and rejected by both 'us' and their christian fellowships, with no idea of how to move forward.

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Re: Calling all Internal Alchemists

Post by samofsaintjohn » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:31 am

Hello infinite.

This is a beautiful question.
Bridging the two seemingly polar qualities of "East" and "West" is a fascination of mine.

To understand the meaning of the "mysteries" we must transcend 21st century English. If this flat language is all that our mind knows, it is much harder to think in terms of that which is transcendent to our plane.
Genesis itself is remarkably similar to the first verses of the Rig Ved (a predominate and unaltered hindu scripture). Days and nights; Elohim and Heaven are not the shallow terms we think of in English.. When those Ancient books were written, the language was mostly Oral and people's neural networks relating to the Etymology of Vernacular were much stronger; this enabled them to create words or decipher new ones on the spot.
There are absolutely fifth dimsensional "meanings" of all words, that the undomesticated mind readily finds..
At that higher level level words function as mechanisms than as labels.

To speak of words that are Mechanisms:
Religiore means "to bind back to the source", or "to make oath with your god". This is essentially identical to the translation of Yoga which is "state of union", while a Yogi is "one who pursues union with the source".

Right now I have to make a distinction between one thing:
There are Religions that are 'mainstream'.
These are elaborately designed to bait peasant-class people, presenting nothing more than tactics to divert a population from central unity.
For this reason, I never speak of them. I am above them in all manners, and so are all conscious beings.
They offer only prayer and rules, and an oath as to what you will do with your time in the afterlife. Those religions that seek to control the weak worship a Demiurge, whom is nothing more than a Luciferical Elohim whom the true God has sent to test the the pious(this is a Semite belief).

Real Semites and the original Hebraic culture are directly related to Zoroastrianism; the language of the Zoroaster peoples is nearly the same language as Sanskrit. Also it is remarkable to note that the Eschatology, creation Myths and End-Times are similar. The stories of the birth of the Seer/Prophet and the signs of his coming are similar in all cases.
The word Christ itself is clearly rooted in "Krishna". Krishna was the True God's Son. He was brought to exist by the leader of heaven known as Indra. After a Universal Crisis (involving demons gaining threatening strength from worshiping the one true god), Krishna's original form known as Vishnu defeated the universes demons and became the next leader of Heaven. Later he laid down in a Cosmic Sea with his consort Lakshmi (the heart) to project the univese of man through himself. (parallel to Mormon belief). In this way Christ gave birth to Brahma, who eventually gave birth to Manu and Man.. Krishna and his other incarnations have existed within Brahma; seeing to enlighten the not-quite enlightened creator of man that Vishnu has projected. (parellels gnostic beliefs)

Kabbalism is Tantra. Tantra, having nothing to do with sex is the language of Alchemy.
Alchemy is not the mixture of metals and elixers,
but it is the mixture of spiritual essences inside yourself. All of it is coded so that the uninitiated cannot attempt harmful spells.
Kether the the kingdom represents the material cosm, whilest the higher sephirot are vibratory dimensions in which only masculine light exists. When a man has learned the lessons of the various spheres, he is free to magically traverse these realms. This is a great secret of Magic, and similar lessons are even reflected amongst American shamans.

Mystery School religions are directly in-between Tantra and and Western Occult.
These schools of thought wrote scripture in words that were only clear to the intellectual.
These religions are full of heraldry, symbolism, and detailed cosmologies.
The reason why they are little known of is because it is hard to fathom the concepts they detail;
even harder if one has not had revelation, or knowledge recovered from the state of Samadhi.

To see what Abrahamic Religion is really getting at, we have to take into account two things:
1. Some of the Books have been altered by man unassociated with the prophet (and thus may create a belief that an Elohim is god, as per gnostic concept demiurge)
2. The other books are lost in translation.

It is late and I am tired. I would love to answer further questions with a clear head in the morning.

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Re: Calling all Internal Alchemists

Post by infinity » Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:01 am

Thank you for your contributions so far, I find it very useful to improve the approach in which to accomplish the goal of bridging understanding.

I have to mention that it will be difficult to use parts of information that usurps the understanding in judeo-christianity. It is very useful though to use explanations and analogies that help to parallel the understanding of a typical judeo-christian with that of real spiritual truth.

How true or untrue it is how main religions were engineered to control masses is unfortunately only useful to the skeptic, but not to the fundamentalist. The fundamentalist needs to hold a guide's hand like a child would hold a parent's hand. Using language and terms the child understands - because that is the only way the child can "hear" the parent. It does not recognize or will misunderstand language that it does not know. Beating the child with a stick won't help them get "smarter".

This is why I find your explanation of ancient language useful. Improving the understanding of language for the figurative child will expand their ability to "hear" and "see" things from a different perspective that is more accurate than the one they used to hold.

To give an example, when the pharisees in the bible critisized jesus for forgiving sins (saying that only god can do that), he quoted their scriptures to show how what he was doing was not contrary to their scriptures("do the scriptures not say that men are as gods?"). In another instance I believe it was he that was accused (or one of his disciples) of sinning in that he worked on the sabbath by healing someone, and he said that the sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath - both instances not contradicting their sources where they derive understanding from, but instead meeting them where they are at and showing them how their source of understanding (e.g. the scriptures) is in line with what he is saying or doing.

A difficult feat. But possibly the only way to build the bridge.

EDIT: I would say that it might be more fruitful (as one example) to focus on the parts of the "Abrahamic" sources that ring true as opposed to the focus on where things went wrong. My hope is that by building enough trust in that which rings true, the judeo-christian has enough to hold on to, when letting go of that which doesn't ring true. Remember its all about trust.

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