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Re: LMs

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:05 pm
by animus
Here are five findings of real LM candidates:
(The story behind them is not always credible but the bodies could still be real!)

Pedro Mountain Mummy (14"/36cm, Pedro Mountains, Wyoming, 1932)
Image Image

Atta Boy (6.5"/16.5cm, Atacama Desert, Peru oder Bolivia, 1933 or earlier)
Image Image

Alyoshenka-Humanoid (10"/25cm, Kyshtym, Russia, 1996)
Image Image

Concepcion-Humanoid (3"/7cm, Concepcion, Chile, 2002)
Image Image

Atacama-Humanoid (6"/15cm, Atacama Desert, Chile, 2003)
Image Image Image