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The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:30 pm
by Djchrismac
After reading up on some old forum posts i've been pondering the following quote from Daniel after I stumbled across the Cellular Cosmogeny:
Turning the Universe Inside-Out.
Ulysses Grant Morrow's Naples Experiment.
by Donald E. Simanek

the Cellular Cosmogony of Cyrus Reed Teed, which arose in the late 19th century, and still has adherents today. It envisions a universe that is an inside-out version of conventional cosmology, a universe with the Earth outside, and everything else inside. At first look this seems so incredibly original that it couldn't have arisen from earlier ideas. Even more incredible is the fact that Teed asked his associate Ulysses Morrow to find experimental proof of the Earth's concavity. Morrow did the experiment and found the result they sought. How could this happen?
The quote from Daniel involves one of my favourite subjects, the Hollow Earth, which fascinates me after seeing how RS2 can explain how it is possible:
Also consider that, as you transition, "insides" and "outsides" get flipped around. 2-x speed on Earth is 3-x speed in Agartha. 3-x on Earth is 2-x
on Agartha. The journey to the center of the Earth is actually more like a journey to the center of Time. Agartha is shown inside-out because of this
inversion of perspective on our spatial consciousness.
I wanted to visualize this so I threw together a couple of diagrams to try and picture what's happening when you transition between space and time, material and cosmic...

First the basic version, with both circles representing the earth and a journey into the hollow earth (time) as a macro diagram, a bit like showing the two sides of the space/time coin mentioned in Daniel's papers:


But if you also imagine the micro of this and picture a line at the transition zone as the axis/ground, with your feet on it and your head in "space", then imagine pushing the top "space" circle so it rotates forward to end up on the bottom as the bottom "time" circle reciprocally moves up to replace it while you remain... then your head is now in space, which you could do if you were in a natural transition zone, like the bank of a river. Here you could flip your perspective inside out to move from the material sector into the cosmic sector, if you were talented enough to do so of course, or one of the wee folk!

Here's another way of looking at it... although once you reach the centre in of the earth in this diagram you then emerge on the surface of time, you don't travel through space again (I should maybe have added a dotted line) but it is now the equivalent of the centre of the earth, with time (the cosmic sector) now the surface of the planet:


Well that's my take on it anyway, I may go and add a circle around "Agartha" and "the surface" to represent the hollow earth/hollow space a bit better, and I could also add a few more bits to the basic image.

I hope you like the photo's I chose to represent each "realm"... and yes that is a chemtrail above New York, chosen on purpose! ;)

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:33 pm
by MrTwig
It always confuses me to think about turning our world inside-out. I know we talk about it and Daniel explains it but to experience it first hand would probably be the best. I feel so inadequate to talk about this subject. Ever word that I use just does not sound right. I probably confuse others with my gibber jabber, I know when I re-read it it does not have the same meaning I wanted.
Anyway, thank you for trying.

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:24 am
by Ilkka
MrTwig wrote:It always confuses me to think about turning our world inside-out.
I know the feeling, but just dont think of it right now if its not needed to, of course. One just needs to sense it, if not imagine it, I cant do it because there is no references in my mind to get exact match so I dont think about it, I just trust my "other aspects" to do what they do best to guide me through that time/space path as smoothly as possible.

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:01 am
by daniel
You folks should watch more of the old Doctor Who episodes... not only do you have a ship that is larger on the inside than the outside, but they address a good number of interesting concepts, such as the Tom Baker episode, "Full Circle," where the TARDIS goes through a charged vacuum emboitment and ends up in a realm where everything has negative coordinates (hence, negative lengths). They called it exospace in the show, but the more common name is counterspace.

Then you've got the Pat Troughton episode, "Tomb of the Cybermen," where the Doctor explains how the TARDIS moves through the Universe of Time (cosmic sector) to Victoria, and the WIlliam Hartnell episode, "The Space Museum," where Vicki figures out that time has dimensions of its own.

I miss good, imaginative Sci-Fi... these days, it's just running, screaming and explosions.

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:15 pm
by Djchrismac
I'm still struggling to think of things inside out... The closest I can get is if you have played a 3D videogame and fell through the game world due to a glitch and ended up inside the scenery.

I also think it relates to when you are dreaming and have that feeling of being everywhere at once and viewing a scene from all angles so I'm now trying to inverse that and think of being the one point of view looking at everything which has multiple viewpoints... Any tips? My head hurts... :D

On reflection, my LM encounter and others including Sasquatch all share the same "daydreaming" factor with missing time and dream-like things happening. Is this the key? One if my earliest memories is having a bad dream, somehow knowing I was dreaming at about 4 years old, then waking myself up and saying "it was a dream, not a nightmare, now I can go back to sleep" which I did and I don't recall ever having a nightmare since. This was just after my first LM encounter my Mum told me about which she thought was me (and the two cats) seeing a ghost.

Perhaps time to work on those lucid dreaming skills I have... Although I'd really like to do hypnotic regression to those incidents to see what was really going on!

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:44 pm
by daniel
Djchrismac wrote:I'm still struggling to think of things inside out... The closest I can get is if you have played a 3D videogame and fell through the game world due to a glitch and ended up inside the scenery.
It is just flipping something over, in 3 dimensions. It's like those old "reversible" jackets, where you have a jacket, and can yank it inside-out and get another color (outside and inside exchange, with different materials).
Djchrismac wrote:Perhaps time to work on those lucid dreaming skills I have... Although I'd really like to do hypnotic regression to those incidents to see what was really going on!
Try "active imagination" first. Faster results, and it will encourage the lucid state in dreaming.

Re: The space/time transition - turning inside/outside!

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:52 am
by infinity
Great post DJ.

Sorry for the long reply but you might find it worth your while:

I feel that the biggest challenge (certainly not the only one, but the biggest) we have in understanding the "other side" of things is not in visualizing or understanding its structure and its nature - but rather learning to break free from our CURRENT framework of understanding of space-time.

Look at the diagrams. They try to refer to a non-local, non-linear and cycle-based "universe" by using the language and concepts of a localized, linear, distance-based "universe" (space-time). Its like trying to teach someone to speak english by using math equations. Its different languages, different frameworks, for different purposes. You can't properly "translate" between the two.

The best we can hope for is to explore different perspectives and findings of that "other side" in order to gradually increase our understanding of its nature. With those different perspectives, we can use illustrations like the diagrams above to explain them, but we have to be careful because just like when observing electrons - we create the "reality" that we try to see/observe.

This is both good and bad. The good side of it is that as soon as something shows itself in a consistent state or behavior under consistent circumstances - we learn something new about it that we measure and can be sure about. The bad side of it is that it can limit our infinite imagination and creativity and we might miss out on discovering more about it - because we easily get stuck in the "knowns", and diminish our capacity to discover and experience the "unknowns" - which cannot be accessed via the "knowns" alone.

Be aware and avoid this trap in using known techniques for e.g. increasing some skill or ability or improve lucid dreaming. Don't assume you need to be in a certain state to observe certain things - let go of that belief, its a limiting one - not a freeing one. You might think it grants you access to what you want - e.g. observing cosmic sector stuff - but you are limiting your options by choice (not by its "design", but by your reality-altering consciousness imposing itself) which might not be needed.

Use EVERYTHING like a stepping stone and try to "make" your own way of moving forward and learning/experiencing more. Then when you get results, share that with everyone - then we all learn from each other's DIFFERENT perspectives and inputs.

Due to the combined concepts of co-creating reality and interpreting through our unique viewpoints, each person's original "weirdness" gives them the ability to have original and different experiences from anyone else - these are unique keys into unlocking more understanding. Let similarities between our experiences and understandings serve as a launching pad - build on it, learn from it - but don't be limited by it.

There is just as much value in using a proven technique in accomplishing anything (like practicing lucid dreaming) as there is in experimenting and finding or making new ways. Keep in mind; Your body and intuition can be just as much a guide and a measuring instrument in such endeavors as your imagination and logic. Learn new tools and make new tools to expand your capacity to grow and learn - limited tools means limited growth and limited options - limited experiences.

Think of your consciousness, your mind, any part of you, as modifiable, extendable, customizable. Like a high-tech "terminator" that is liquidated - your "cosmic" counterparts can take any form, make any tool, create any ability you want to experience and learn anything you want. You need not only learn and grow with your "conscious" mind and limited by tools that your imagination and logic can muster - find and create other tools and functions for yourself. All that is needed to get started is your intention and your goal. The "how" will come to you from your higher consciousness.

What I've found as a generic useful tool is to just "ask" what I want to know more about. "Hold" the question in my mind - or in the back of it. Not expecting an answer, not needing some "action" to "access" the answer - but to just trust that what I have asked will come to me and to trust that I will be able to recognize it when it does. Then I let go and go on with whatever I'm busy with. It is simple, it does not limit the way it may come, and it has worked well for me.

What I like about it is that I do not "need" to imagine it in detail or articulate it very well - but I can distinguish the "feeling" of what I'm looking for - e.g. the feeling of freedom and fulfillment in working with talented and ethical individuals on world-changing methods for bringing out the best in organizations and individuals - and not know "how" to get there or "what" kind of occupation that might be. And lo and behold - a few weeks later, shit starts coming across my path that's EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Works every time. Be careful what you ask for, be sure of your motivations when you do - and you'll find what you are looking for.