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Re: The Colonization of Tiamat: Part 4 of Anthropology serie

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 10:57 am
by PHIon
daniel wrote: It would be more appropriately stated as to live here in the physical, as Larson defines "physical" to include both 3D space and 3D time (body and soul).
I probably wasn't articulating very well. I was referring to both 3D space and 3D time when I wrote "with the assistance of the soul," but your wording crystallized what I was trying to communicate.
daniel wrote: most of your new age Prophets (or as I call them, "Profits") worked with people from MK Ultra.
I was referring to the days when I was more inclined toward the New Age, which I no longer am. I guess I really wasn't being as clear as I thought I was.
daniel wrote:
Think of your body/soul as your backpack, that has all these tools you need to exist in the physical realm (material and cosmic), and your hike is this incarnation on the planet. You gave yourself useful tools that allow you to manipulate both environments to survive here, and possible improve the situation as you go (called "being a good steward"). Use the tools your brought! If you don't remember how, figure it out. Study the manuals... learn about how the mind works and how your body works, for this is the way your spirit can express itself and enjoy the hike--and perhaps learn something new along the way.

Ignoring the physical is going for a hike through beautiful country with a blindfold on. I really don't see the point of that journey, because all you'll do is walk into trees and trip over rocks, and never see the amazing sights around you.
I agree with everything you said, and I do think I use the tools I brought, so I guess I'll write off my last post because I must not have been in tune with my communication skills at that moment.

Re: The Colonization of Tiamat: Part 4 of Anthropology series

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:46 am
by animus
The Colonization of Tiamat IV, p.10, footnote 18 wrote:From cyclopes, meaning one-eyed. Williamson states in his books that the Cyclopeans did have a single eye, but it is difficult to believe that such an advanced race would not have depth perception from the lack of stereoscopic vision. Of the surviving pictographs, the Cyclopeans are depicted as having one, large eye, which upon examination, could have easily been the visor of a protective helmet, much like our own pilots and astronauts use. The planetary environment was rather unstable in those days, so protective clothing is definitely a possibility.
From the movie The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (1979):
Eyewitness #1: A monster, a real monster! It was enormous, huge!
Eyewitness #2: It had one eye, right in the center of his forehead.
Reporter: Well, there you have it folks. According to eyewitnesses, some extraterrestrials or at least one has come to pay us a visit. And from the description we are dealing with a cyclops, reminiscent of the one-eyed giants of the Greek mythology. But that remains to be seen.

A moment later, this guy shows up in his beekeeper outfit (Bud Spencer):