Protected: Geochronology-Hiding History in the Past

Revealing how history was hidden in the past, and the origins of man are a lot different than what is taught.

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Re: Protected: Geochronology-Hiding History in the Past

Post by Ilkka » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:01 am

MrTwig wrote:
Everything is just a manifestation of motion, the ratio of space to time. Matter is motion, energy is motion, thought is motion... it is just a matter of organization, which is what consciousness does.
So what is motion?
Motion is the sub-atomic motion and atomic also as I've come to understand it from RS and RS2 that atoms have rotation and vibration motion in them. Also when we have kinetic motion its just bunch of atoms moving and interacting with each other. I cant even begin to comprehend all of that RS theory things, however baby steps it is, even though I would want it to be more faster.

Energy is what matter consists of this is the rotation and vibration motions. Thought as a motion is kind of new for me so need to ponder on that subject.

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Re: Protected: Geochronology-Hiding History in the Past

Post by infinity » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:53 am

MrTwig wrote:
Everything is just a manifestation of motion, the ratio of space to time. Matter is motion, energy is motion, thought is motion... it is just a matter of organization, which is what consciousness does.
So what is motion?
That, MrTwig, is exactly the question. But, do you understand that what you are asking, is not the meaning that "newtonian" physics have imbued to the word - i.e. something moving from point "a" to point "b" - but what you are actually asking, in this context, is actually really - What is "God"? What is "Reality"? You are asking a very big question there. You are asking all of the following:
* What
* How
* Why
of yourself, others around you, everything you experience, everything you wonder about, the universe, life, etc.

I'm not going to go into When and Where since our understanding of time and space is perhaps too basic to be useful to discuss such an advanced question. And perhaps, it is irrelevant.

Motion IS something. Or is it? Is it perhaps "nothing" that we simply ascribe attributes to in order to understand it? But this creates a problem. A well-known one in Quantum Physics. By looking at electrons differently, they behave differently. As if our very observation of them changes them. So what does it mean then if we have nothing / something and try to understand it by measuring it against certain attributes that we can conceive of? That method is useless, because we transform whatever it is by using our descriptions, words, concepts, methods of understanding into things we already know. We learn nothing new. Just as it is thought that electrons are sometimes "particles" and other times "waves". They're neither. They're not even really called electrons, but its the limitation of our conditioned thinking that traps us into the convenienceof using known concepts to try and discover unknown concepts (or badly understood ones). Can't be done.

To get the answer to this one, traditional means won't do. You will need to understand and experience what it means to "BE" (which is just the appropriate tense for the word "IS"). And that is not attainable through limiting concepts that act like a prison by introducing "rational thought" to your pure consciousness. Only the function of your consciousness can experience and understand "IS"-ness - unfettered by anything else (for example the function of the conditioned rational logic). Unfettered by awareness of space. Unfetterred by awareness of time. Unfettered in a total sense - as if you experience, what some may call, "nothingness" in its purest form. For some it is blissful and liberating beyond words because of its infiniteness and beauty - for others it is the most terrifying hell imaginable due simply to one fact - what is your expectation of reality? You need to let go of that. Completely. Otherwise you will discover that your EXPECTATIONis what created the terrifying hell that is a prison to the vast consciousness that you are, which wasn't designed for such a prison (i.e. the expectation), but was designed for Infinity - the exact opposite. Wouldn't an infinite consciousness experience the limitation of a single concept (like an expectation of what reality is) as the most torturous hell it can endure?

Motion DOES something. One can never start understanding the "How" without first understanding something about the "What" on any topic. What does Motion DO? Unfortunately this question is the best way we can ask (with our limited language and known scientific concepts) about the nature of Motion in the sense of how it interacts - with whatever, even if it is interacting with itself only. So it IS, and it DOES. It exists, and it interacts. The "DO" of Motion is what makes it relevant. If it simply existed only, why would we be bothered by understanding it if it has no effect or interaction with us?

This concept of relevance of Motion is critical. Because it always interacts based on relevance - never without. It is such a universal built-in mechanic, that it even applies to a person's ability to understand Motion, just as it is applies to a person's ability to utilize Motion. So, if you think of Motion as something that moves, you are immediately limiting your understanding of it. Thought as Motion has just used the relevance of your "concept of Motion" to create a limit in scope of how it can manifest itself and explain itself to you. You can no longer experience it as something "standing still" or "remaining the same".

What if you changed your concept of how Motion interacts? What if by simply EXISTING, does it interact? Suddenly the thought of gravitational interactions between celestial bodies come to mind - how the moon sticks to the earth. The earth seems "still" relative to the moon, yet it interacts with the moon. New concept added of Motion - expanded capacity to understand it. That wasn't hard was it? Now you can think of Motion (as Motion that INTERACTS) without thinking of "movement" - because you have an example.

Relevance of Motion (What it DOES) is a template. It is a rulebook. Whatever relevance you choose to apply Motion to, it will show you how it does that. What Motion DOES is mutable - completely changeable. Completely flexible. Completely infinite. What Motion DOES is only useful to learn the understanding of - once you have chosen a topic to understand it according to. I.e., you've given Motion a template by giving it relevance. Now it will show you the next question. It will show you HOW it interacts using that template/relevance you've given it. Without relevance, Motion is dormant, invisible, phantom.

This is where all the "rules" of how we understand reality is broken. Killing is no longer wrong or right - it is wrong and it is right, depending on the context. When defending your newborn babe from a rampaging cannibal, it isn't even a question of what the right thing is to do. What is killing in such a context? It is how Motion is expressed as courage, as the most sacrificial love, willing to put itself in harms way with the possibility of losing one's very life - the most precious thing one has, for the sake of another. Completely selfless. Sacred. I killed the cannibal because (insert why here).

In another context, killing is the most tragic and enraging act one being can commit to another. It is how Motion used killing as an expression of seperation, suffering, selfishness, or recklessness.

Motion used the same tool. It used the "WHAT" concept (killing another being) with a "DOES" template (relevance, i.e. context) to show you how it can manifest both the most honorable selfless love and the most tragic, hateful evil. It showed you given WHAT and DOES here's the other dimention of Motion - the WHY.

But the WHY can only have meaning when viewed in hindsight - i.e. when you start with WHY and use HOW, you get surprised that the WHAT doesn't matter. The result of WHY will remain constant given any HOW and WHAT.

What Motion is therefore, does not have an answer, because the answer entirely depends on what ingredients you add to it. "Nothing" is what it is. Not in the sense that it is a "lack of something". Instead, it is a "slot to put something into" that modifies "how Motion works" for the use of "whatever reason".

In other words, the following might be as accurate a description of Motion as we can muster with our limited understanding:

Motion is God's playground, toy box, and the story being played - all in one package. Motion isn't a "thing". Motion is alive.

In the context of mainstream science - What we try to do, whether we know it or not, is to try to understand the WHY. The mistake we make, is we think we know the WHAT, that there is no WHY (that is for philosophers and crazy people to argue about), and as long as we understand the WHAT well enough, we can engineer the HOW according to the "WHY" we want it for.

It really is sad. It is inside out. It is a dead-end thinking. And as in nature, dead-ends don't procreate, they just get replaced by what isn't dead-ends.

That it?
Anything complex is only as useful as it is simple. We want complex explanations because we believe that gives it more substance, and matches our expectations of it being "out of our reach" or "difficult". But we can only use what we can comprehend and apply. Simplicity has therefore higher value than complexity. When looking at a fractal - whether a biological pattern or an algorithm in math, it is always the explanation of complex and intricate systems - yet the fractal itself is so simple.

Simplicity doesn't limit complexity. It unifies complexity. There's a big difference. Simplicity gives meaning to the complex. And simplicity of what Motion might be, doesn't have to exclude the complexities of all the WHAT's, HOW's and WHY's. In fact, complexity is what makes the simplicity beautiful. Like a beautiful fractal color pattern that expresses in endless patterns the variations and complexities that was all folded up and invisible in the "simplicity" it originates from.

Your challenge therefore, is not "understanding" Motion. Your challenge is "knowing" Motion. That is the only way to "understand" it. There are an infinite amount of gateways to experiencing and gaining understanding of it. Like the fractal analogy. Your capacity to get to "know" Motion is not limited by your IQ or by your credentials.

It is limited by the amount of "relevance" you constrict and shape it by into a hard and nonsensical form that refuses to conform and fit into your reference framework yet attempts to give you something to understand it better by. It is alive. And you are part of it. By applying limits to it, you are only applying limits to yourself.

It is a mirror.

If you want an answer, you have to start believing you already have some of it, and start saying it and doing it and applying it, with an attitude of wanting more and being humble enough to receive it in whatever form it may come. It is not your slave, but it is also not your god. That is why a "mirror" is such an appropriate analogy. It shows you, you. It interacts with you, where you are at. No PhD needed. No need to have ascended either. It is impersonal yet intimate. You are accountable, but never condemned by it. Are you an unstoppable force or an immovable object? Will you climb into the river of life and become it, or will you be a rock or a tree next to it, always getting some whiff or spray but never getting in it?

Do you really want to understand what is the engine of the universe?

What are you willing to do, be, or give up for it? Only by the amount you are willing in that regard, will you get to know it. No more. No less. If you want it all, look in the mirror. Stretch out your hands with your palms up. Give it all.

You won't be dissappointed.

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Post by bruce » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:40 am

MrTwig wrote:So what is motion?
Dewey Larson, after 30 years of thinking about the concept of a universe of motion, concluded that motion is "nothing but abstract change in three dimensions."

And that is the basis of the Reciprocal System... the "progression of the natural reference system" is the definition of changing space related to changing time. You "change" things in different ways to create different structures, and we just use a geometric interpretation of that change as linear, rotational and vibrational motions.

Fascinating post, infinity; a lot of deep thought appears to have gone into that.

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Re: Protected: Geochronology-Hiding History in the Past

Post by MrTwig » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:38 pm

Thank you infinity and Bruce for your really good answers. Every once in awhile I sense that I have not moved, but the world moves around me. It is like I am this infinite mind that just dreams. My dreams, or life, are just this person I am now. I know that there are other (me)s that I have been before and I will be others later. This one is the only part of me that matters right now and I have striven to understand what is going on around me. I use others to present their knowledge and relay their answers to keep me going. Daniel has really shined a light on the true world. Now I have to adjust.

To me "motion" is movement of anything of a certain value from one point to a second point. Kind of like Life!
All that glitter is not GOLD!

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Re: Motion

Post by infinity » Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:23 am

bruce wrote:
MrTwig wrote:So what is motion?
Dewey Larson, after 30 years of thinking about the concept of a universe of motion, concluded that motion is "nothing but abstract change in three dimensions."

And that is the basis of the Reciprocal System... the "progression of the natural reference system" is the definition of changing space related to changing time. You "change" things in different ways to create different structures, and we just use a geometric interpretation of that change as linear, rotational and vibrational motions.

Fascinating post, infinity; a lot of deep thought appears to have gone into that.
Our race, not being telepathic, is hopelessly dependent on neuro-linguistics to understand and share concepts. We can't directly transmit concepts to each other - it has to go through limiting filters through the 'mechanics' of language. This is why geometric interpretation is necessary for the scientific mind. It is a way to "relate" to the understanding of motion/reality/etc.

Another person with another background, like mine, prefer not to use geometric interpretation because I can't relate to it. To me, it sounds dull, impersonal, and irrelevant - not fascinating and captivating. But from my background, using the language I do, imbueing personality to it and how I can relate to it personally, seems more useful to me.

One kid prefers the sandbox with water and mud while the other prefers the clay to make their imaginations into physical forms. But they're both expressions of the same thing - the conceptual made physical and displayed to others as something of substance, of reality. A sand-castle or a clay animal. What difference is there really between how the two were formed and what they represent to the kids who made them? None. But each cherishes their own expressions as creators - using a concept, and using a meaningless substance (ball of clay or bed of sand) - creating meaning out of it...

Ability to find Meaning (i.e. Capacity to study Motion)
...And that is the key. The key is meaning. No one cares about anything if it doesn't carry meaning. Motion is the experimentation of meaning through 'change' in whatever form. Whether that meaning contains spacial and/or temporal attributes or not, whether it contains "conceptual" attributes or not. Our search and our study and our experience is all one of Meaning.

Yet a child can blissfully create meaning in the present moment, even using clay or sand - while us adults search for meaning all our lives through stress, striving, and living in the future or the past. We search for it through science, through religion.... but a child has better understanding of "meaning" than an adult. A child looks at value-less meaningless things available that they have access to and they create out of it and enjoy it. We adults complain that we lack what we need to create (i.e. be fulfilled) and wonder why our life has no meaning (and why we keep looking for it everywhere else) - its because meaning (fulfillment) comes from ourselves, by creating it. We all know how to do it - we did it as kids.

What the enslaving systems of today were designed to do, in essence, is to tell people (lie to them) what has meaning and what has not. It seduces people into looking for meaning outside themselves and look at money, fashion, luxury, sensuality for it. To become slaves of the wide range of provided "meanings" that people become dependent on. It tells people "your life can't have meaning if you don't have a successful career." or "be in a relationship with an attractive person".

How does this all relate to Motion?

The relationship between Motion and Motivation
Because the study of Motion is the study of the 'core' of "how everything works". Why do we study it? Because we search for meaning. WHY does gravity work the way it does? WHY can some levitate and I can't? WHY do ships and planes dissappear when travelling through certain areas on the earth? What drives these occurences, what "motivates" them? What lies behind them?

If we want to understand Motion, we must first deal with our motive for wanting to understand it. Our motives determine our expectations, our capacity to learn or experience, our ability to create tools to understand it. If my motive is to have more power as a control freak over my circumstances and show others they'll regret judging or rejecting me because I have super powers - well, that motive isn't going to take us far and people will get hurt. Secrets of the universe should remain secret (protected) from such people. If my motive is to seek meaning in order to get comfort and healing for my emotional wounds, then scientific approach aint gonna cut it. In fact, the word "Motion" even seems like the wrong word. But if I want to understand Motion to build devices to create a better world and help those that can't help themselves - then i need a specific approach. I need to understand how Motion works in terms of space, time, and the way life manifests and works on this plane/dimension/world. I wouldn't care about philosophical crap - even though I might care about ethics - but I need calculations, I need physical tools. I need to BUILD STUFF.

Tools are always needed to study or to create
With our motives clear (we can have more than one and use multiple approaches to get all the benefits we need), we can then look at the appropriate tools to use to understand or utilize Motion better:

One man's tool is that of calculations and experiments of spatial and temporal attributes of Motion to CREATE a path through such scientific understanding - TOWARDS the why behind the why behind the why. The why of everything. The how of everything. The what of everything.

Another man's tool is that of conceptual thinking and testing their applications, to CREATE a path for himself out of the boxes of thinking and into the open space of direct knowing-ness, of complete clarity of direct experience and awareness that manifests the invisible into the visible, the unexperienced into the direct experience.

Another man's tool is meditation and the study of the unconscious, the subtler bodies that our being comprises of, their natures, functions, abilities, to CREATE a path out of the limitations of our physical bodies and brains and unto full access of our 'spiritual' bodies and minds that provide us with greater and higher tools and abilities for understanding and experiencing higher perspectives of the why's, how's and whats.

There's no limit to the tools available because there's no limit to the way Motion manifests and gives us "information"/"feedback" to work with.

All of these are the study of Motion. In whatever form Motion may manifest.


1. Don't let your language (neuro-linguistics that shape your cognitive processes) limit your capacity to learn more about Motion.
2. Don't let the conditioned dependency on external supply of "meaning" imposed on you limit your capacity to experiment with Motion. (i.e. create meaning, create results, get fulfillment)
3. Be aware of your motives for studying Motion because it transforms (good) and/or limits (bad) your ability to study it - including the tools you will be able to use.
4. Create and/or use the tools appropriate for YOUR study of Motion. There are no "correct" or "incorrect" tools, only "appropriate" ones for your approach.
5. ???
6. Profit! (heh, this never gets old)

PS - Cycles!

Before I forget. Things work in cycles - this is part of the nature of how Motion manifests itself to our world. Scientific interpretations include rotations, orbits, cyclical balancing states that create stability (think pulsars) - other ways of looking at Motion can be different though.

In life, we could change ourselves - our habits, our thinking, even our values. But many times we don't see change happening. Our circumstances seem the same, we're still stressed out crazy, we can't get breakthrough in our spiritual journey...

Consider an analogy to explain cycles: At night, we can't see the sun. Change is happening - the earth is rotating - but we can't SEE the change. When dawn arrives, we suddenly experience big change. There's light, its bright, warm, and everything's different. The earth was going through a cycle but we didn't have obvious evidence to show us that CHANGE IS ALREADY IN EFFECT.

Don't expect things to instantly change or manifest or get instant results given certain inputs in an experiement. Study cycles (in whatever form, whether in life or in chemistry) to better understand lack of or presence of results. Think of beach waves. Think of what causes waves. Use that understanding to refine your study. Relax when its low-tide, pump it up when its high-tide.

Cycles exist - not to create frustration in experimentation - but to encourage or even enforce balance. Balance dreams with doing physical work that creates out of those dreams. Balance energy build up with energy release (e.g. through using it). Balance study in solitude with sharing and interaction with others. Otherwise the symptoms of imbalance will show. It can hurt you, it can hurt those around you. Its a message telling you to get in balance.

The point of balance is to create sustainability. What's the point of the study of Motion if you can't sustain it long enough to get a result or learn something new? What's the point of learning in a physical world if you can't look after your body long enough here to learn what you need to or to help others here? What's the point of meditating if you can't sustain concentration long enough to effect a transformation in experience?

Cycles -> Balance -> Sustainability

Can't escape cycles. So learn to flow with it.

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